The Queen of Hearts Tattoo: What It Means, If It’s Right For You, and Ideas For Your Tattoo

In general, playing card tattoos are popular but a Queen of Hearts tattoo is especially popular with women (particularly those who consider themselves “queens”). It’s a tattoo that symbolizes love as well as a strong sense of independence. But if you think a Queen of Hearts tattoo is just for women, it has a special …

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Mountain Tattoo Meaning

A mountain tattoo meaning can represent a number of things: a traveler, a dreamer, an adventurous spirit, a deeply religious spirit, or even a person that simply enjoys nature so much they display it on their skin. If you are considering a mountain tattoo, keep reading to learn about the most common meanings and for …

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X Tattoo Meaning

The X tattoo meaning often symbolizes a bold move, and can also mean something that is even taboo or provocative. The X symbol is common to have as a standalone tattoo or in other variations that send a significant message of change or negative indications. By negative, the X is often literal, meaning “no” or …

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Mushroom Tattoo Meaning

Mushrooms as a tattoo may sound weird, but they actually look great and can be a creative expression of your personal style. But what does a mushroom tattoo meaning say? Is there a meaning behind a mushroom tattoo at all?

777 Tattoo Meaning

If you’re wondering what’s behind the 777 tattoo meaning, there’s no single meaning to point to. Like most tattoos, there are several possible interpretations for what the number 777 stands for. It’s often seen as a symbol of luck and magic, but it also has a spiritual significance for some. But you should also know …

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Jellyfish Tattoo Meaning

The jellyfish tattoo has been very popular for a while, and it keeps gaining popularity. In this article, you will find all the information about jellyfish tattoo meaning, different tattoo styles, tattoo placement options, etc. 

Desautels Tattoo Meaning

Have you seen the Desautels tattoo popping up on social media? Maybe you’re wondering the tattoo is all about? We’ve got some answers for you.  The Desautels tattoo became popular because of actress Kenzie Reeves. She used to have the word “Desautels” tattooed across her chest, but has since had the tattoo removed. Let’s take …

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Bat Tattoo Meaning

What do you think is behind the bat tattoo meaning? Would it surprise you to know that people get bat tattoos in order to celebrate literature from the 1700s as well as their commitment to environmentalism? Bat tattoos come in all shapes and sizes. Let’s take a look at a few of the most common …

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Crying Heart Tattoo Meaning

The crying heart tattoo is a very specific tattoo design that features a heart-shaped face with almond-shaped eyes and an upside down smile that often has the same angle as the eyes, but upside down. The eyes are wide and often with intricate eyelashes, and there are tears to show the heart is crying. The …

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