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Demon Slayer Tattoo Ideas

6 Best Demon Slayer Tattoo Ideas

In the case of art imitating art, the Japanese anime series “Demon Slayer” inspires people to get their own Demon Slayer tattoos. In some ways, though, that’s easier said than done because considering a Demon Slayer tattoo raises several questions. First, why get one? Second, what tattoo styles best reflect the aesthetic of “Demon Slayer”? …

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The Sticker Tattoo Style

Have you seen the sticker tattoo style? Tattoos that look like stickers have become really popular over the last several years. If you’re curious about this trend, keep reading to learn everything you want to know about the sticker tattoo style. I’ll tell you what it is, some talented artists who are doing it, and …

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The Ignorant Tattoo Style

Despite the name, the “ignorant tattoo” style isn’t indicative of a race to the bottom in the world of body art. On the contrary, it’s an understated style defined by wit and dry humor with no risk of any message being lost in swirls of color and intricate designs. The ignorant tattoo style is, at …

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