Desautels Tattoo Meaning

Have you seen the Desautels tattoo popping up on social media? Maybe you’re wondering the tattoo is all about? We’ve got some answers for you.  The Desautels tattoo became popular because of actress Kenzie Reeves. She used to have the word “Desautels” tattooed across her chest, but has since had the tattoo removed. Let’s take …

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Bat Tattoo Meaning

What do you think is behind the bat tattoo meaning? Would it surprise you to know that people get bat tattoos in order to celebrate literature from the 1700s as well as their commitment to environmentalism? Bat tattoos come in all shapes and sizes. Let’s take a look at a few of the most common …

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Crying Heart Tattoo Meaning

The crying heart tattoo is a very specific tattoo design that features a heart-shaped face with almond-shaped eyes and an upside down smile that often has the same angle as the eyes, but upside down. The eyes are wide and often with intricate eyelashes, and there are tears to show the heart is crying. The …

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Ace Of Spades Tattoo Meaning

Spade tattoos are very popular, with the Ace of Spades being the most popular spade tattoo. The Ace of Spades tattoo meaning represents a number of ideas that can be positive, neutral, or negative depending on the context. The actual Ace of Spades card has even played a part in 20th century military history. If …

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Shamrock Tattoo Meaning

A shamrock is a popular tattoo for many reasons. The symbol itself has a special feeling to it — it implies a happy-go-lucky attitude, whimsy, and even good fortune. But the shamrock tattoo meaning is not single fold, as we just saw from a first-glance impression of the symbol.In this article we’ll explore the common meanings represented by a shamrock tattoo so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not a shamrock is the right tattoo image for you.

Dice Tattoo Meaning

A dice tattoo is a very common tattoo and the dice tattoo meaning varies for each person. Dice are often associated with other luck symbols within the tattoo, but can they also be associated with other symbols that aren’t so lucky. Dice are primarily seen as symbols of luck, gambling, taking risks, “rolling the dice,” …

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Circle Tattoo Meaning

Circles are significant in many cultures and there are various meanings represented by this simple symbol. If you are considering a circle tattoo or you want to incorporate a circle into a bigger design, you’ll want to know common circle tattoo meanings.

Anubis Tattoo Meaning

The symbol of Anubis carries significant meaning in Egyptian culture. An Anubis tattoo meaning is often very personal and heartfelt for the person wearing it. If you’re considering an image of Anubis for a tattoo, but aren’t sure if it’s right for you, keep reading. We’ll explore the various meaning of an Anubis tattoo so that you can make an informed body art decision.

Eagle Tattoo Meaning

An eagle tattoo can be a great way to expand your body art and produce a meaningful new look for your body. But what, exactly, is behind an eagle tattoo meaning? Understanding this tattoo’s symbolism and its overall message can ensure that you pick a look and style of tattoo that makes sense for you. …

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Moth Tattoo Meaning

Moth Tattoo Meaning

Earth has a plethora of insects to choose from that could inspire your next tattoo design. Most of which have a great deal of symbolism. With that said, not many insects are as cool (aesthetically and symbolically) as the moth. In fact, moths are one of the most popular choices for tattoo designs in the …

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