Bella Thorne Tattoos: Insightful Analysis and Symbolism

Bella Thorne, the talented actress and singer, has come a long way since her Disney Channel days. With an ever-growing collection of tattoos, each piece of ink showcases a unique part of her life journey and personal style. Delving into the world of body art, Bella has accumulated over 20 tattoos, with each design holding a special meaning or purpose.

Bella Thorne

From whimsical designs like cat whiskers on her finger to more sentimental pieces like the number “93” on her forearm, Bella Thorne’s tattoos explore a wide range of styles and stories. Alongside these pieces, Bella has collaborated with renowned celebrity tattoo artists, further reflecting her passion for self-expression and making a statement. Her tattoos have sparked discussions, controversies, and admiration from fans and critics alike.

Key Takeaways

  • Bella Thorne has an ever-growing collection of over 20 tattoos, each with a unique meaning or purpose.
  • Her tattoo designs encompass a wide range of styles, influenced by respected celebrity tattoo artists.
  • Bella’s body art has garnered both admiration and controversy, highlighting her personal journey and self-expression.

Bella Thorne’s Tattoo Journey

Bella Thorne, the talented American actress known for her role in the Disney Channel series ‘Shake It Up,’ has made a name for herself in the world of body art with her impressive tattoo collection. Thorne frequently showcases her tattoos on social media platforms such as Instagram, allowing her fans to follow her tattoo journey.

One of Bella Thorne’s most prominent tattoos is a number “93” tattooed on her left forearm in red ink. This design symbolizes her affinity for numerology and is prominently displayed for all to see.

Thorne also sports a unique cat’s whiskers tattoo on the side of her right index finger. This piece, called Vibrissae, features whiskers with the cat’s nose at the center. It demonstrates the actress’s love for feline companions while adding a personal touch to her collection.

In addition to these two distinctive tattoos, Bella Thorne has over 20 other tattoos, with many expressing her creativity and personal beliefs. For instance, she has a heart tattoo inked on her palm, symbolizing her passion and love for life.

Confidently committing to permanent body art, Thorne has embraced her tattoo journey as part of her artistic and personal expression. Throughout her career, both on the Disney Channel and beyond, Thorne’s tattoos have become an integral aspect of her identity as an actress and public figure.

By sharing her tattoo journey on platforms like Instagram, Bella Thorne continues to inspire her fans and admirers with her confident and knowledgeable approach to body art. Her collection tells a unique story that resonates with many who appreciate self-expression and the art of tattooing.

Most Iconic Tattoos

Star and Crescent Moon

Bella Thorne has a beautiful and subtle tattoo of a star and crescent moon on her ankle. This delicate design is a constant reminder of the celestial wonders that captivate her imagination. The star and crescent moon are popular symbols with various meanings in different cultures. Bella carries the mystery of these celestial bodies with her wherever she goes.

Whiskers and Cat Behind Ear

Featuring both whimsy and a love for animals, Bella Thorne’s whiskers tattoo on her right index finger and a cat outline behind her left ear showcase her affinity for feline friends. The whiskers, or vibrissae, boast an adorable cat’s nose in the center, while the cat behind her ear offers an elegant and minimalistic silhouette in black ink.

Heart and If Lost, Find Twin

Located on her left palm, Bella has a small heart tattoo that represents her love for close relatives and friends. Along with that, a unique and personal tattoo on her forearm reads “If lost, find twin” in elegant cursive. This is a testament to her close bond with her older sister, Dani Thorne.

Wild Kitty and Bite Me

As a nod to her bold and fierce personality, Bella Thorne has “Wild Kitty” and “Bite Me” tattoos on her body. “Wild Kitty” is written on her left forearm, showcasing her edgy and untamed side. In contrast, “Bite Me” is located on her elbow, symbolizing her willingness to fight back and stand up for herself in the face of adversity.

Portrait and Birth Year

To commemorate her date of birth and love for numerical symbolism, Bella Thorne has a “93” tattoo inked in red on her left forearm. This prominent tattoo celebrates her October 8, 1997, birth year, expressed in a distinctive numerical format. The positioning of this tattoo emphasizes the personal significance of this number in Bella’s life.

Celebrity Tattoo Artists Behind the Ink

Daniel Winter

Daniel Winter, also known as Winter Stone, is a renowned celebrity tattoo artist known for his minimalistic black and grey tattoos. Some of his high-profile clients include Bella Thorne, Miley Cyrus, and Demi Lovato. Winter’s precise linework and attention to detail have made him a sought-after artist in the entertainment world. Bella Thorne has trusted Daniel Winter with some of her tattoo work, adding to her ever-growing collection.

Dr. Woo

Dr. Woo, whose real name is Brian Woo, is another famous tattoo artist who has a strong presence in Hollywood. His list of celebrity clients includes names like Zoë Kravitz, Justin Bieber, and Hailey Baldwin. With a distinct style that combines fine lines, dotwork, and geometric designs, Dr. Woo has made a name for himself in the world of celebrity ink.

As an artist, he has gained recognition for his intricate designs and innovative techniques. Although it is not confirmed if Dr. Woo has worked on Bella Thorne’s tattoos, his extraordinary work resonates with A-listers and tattoo enthusiasts alike. Following these artists’ work is a great way to explore trends in the world of celebrity tattoos and learn about the creative minds that shape these unique and personal creations.

Inked with Friends and Family

Bella Thorne is known for her love of tattoos, with over 20 unique designs adorning her body. The tattoo journey of this young star often includes creating memories with her friends and family. In this section, we explore tattoos Bella shares with her sister Dani Thorne and best friend Bella Pendergast.

Tattoos with Dani Thorne

Dani Thorne, Bella’s older sister, shares a strong bond both in life and through ink. The dynamic duo has matching heart tattoos on their collarbones. These small, simple designs are both a testament to their sisterly love and a connecting piece that always brings them close, no matter the distance.

Tattoos with Bella Pendergast

Bella Pendergast is not only a dear friend to Thorne, but also an important person in her life. They share a love for body art and have made memories by getting inked together. A notable example is their trip to get tattoos when Bella turned 18. Even though the designs they chose are personal and not identical, the experience of getting tattoos together further solidified their friendship.

Various Tattoo Styles

Black and White Ink

Bella Thorne’s tattoo collection showcases a range of black and white ink designs. From the simple “93” number tattoo on her forearm in red ink to the more intricate details of symbols and images, Bella’s tattoos demonstrate her love for both minimalist and elaborate black ink pieces. For instance, she has the cat’s whiskers (vibrissae) tattooed on the side of her right index finger, showing her preference for intricate and detailed designs.

Adding a touch of elegance to her tattoo collection, Bella also has a heart design in black ink on her palm. She is no stranger to getting inked by renowned tattoo artists such as Daniel Winter. In September 2016 alone, Bella had five tattoos done by Winter, one of which is the “WILD KITTY” phrase across the backs of both her calves.

Henna-Inspired Designs

Bella Thorne’s interest in tattoo art is not limited to permanent ink. She has also taken to Instagram to share her love for henna-inspired designs and temporary body art. These intricate and delicate patterns usually involve paisley, flowers, and geometric shapes with graceful lines. Through her use of henna, Bella has expressed her appreciation for the ancient art form and the intricate designs it showcases.

Makeup artists have also been involved in creating stunning temporary tattoos for Bella. This allows her to experiment with different styles and designs, without the long-term commitment of permanent ink. Henna-inspired designs give Bella the opportunity to play with various patterns, while also staying true to her love for body art.

Controversial Tattoos and Reactions

Topless Selfie Reveal

Bella Thorne took to social media to reveal one of her controversial tattoos in a topless selfie in July 2019. The image instantly became a hot topic among her fans, who praised her confidence in showing off her body ink. However, some critics felt that the photo was crossing a line and questioned its appropriateness.

Marijuana Leaf

The American actress caused quite a stir when she got a marijuana leaf tattooed on the inside of her arm. This certainly raised some eyebrows, as it openly displays her support for the cannabis culture. Reactions to this creative choice have been mixed, with some expressing admiration for her unique artistic expression, while others felt that it is a risky choice for a public figure.


Bella Thorne set a trend among younger fans when she opted for unconventional eyebrow tattoos. The eyebrow additions, which accentuate her natural freckles, set off a debate among beauty enthusiasts about whether or not tattooing one’s face is a wise decision. Some commend her for embracing her distinctive style, while others remain concerned about the long-term implications and potential regrets that may accompany such a permanent choice.

Rainbow Butt

One of Thorne’s most eye-catching pieces is undoubtedly the rainbow-patterned tattoo on her butt, which she revealed on her social media accounts. The vibrant design received a variety of reactions, some of which praised the boldness and originality of the tattoo, while others found it to be overly attention-seeking and distasteful. Regardless of the differing opinions, it’s clear that Bella Thorne isn’t afraid to embrace her unique personality and express herself through her body art.

Removals and Coverups

Bella Thorne is no stranger to tattoos, and with her growing collection, it’s not surprising that some removals and coverups might come into play. One notable coverup involved a beetle tattoo on her stomach, which was done by artist Josh Lord at East Side Ink in New York City. This particular tattoo was actually a cover-up of a previous design.

Thorne’s hairstylist, Tonya Brewer, is also an accomplice in some of her tattoos. While not explicitly discussing removals or coverups, it’s clear that Brewer has been a supportive figure in Thorne’s tattoo journey. The two frequently collaborate in various aspects, including the star’s ever-changing hair color and style.

As for the themes of acceptance and happiness, these are evident not just in Bella Thorne’s tattoos but also in her demeanor and self-expression. She has been open about using tattoos as a means of expressing herself, often choosing designs that hold personal significance.

One example of such a tattoo is a dainty script located on her calves, which not only showcases her love for writing but also alludes to the themes of happiness and acceptance. Many of her tattoos carry connotations of self-love, creativity, and unapologetic living, further exemplifying the mentioned themes.

The Personal Significance

Inspirations and Meanings

Bella Thorne, a well-known American actress, has a passion for tattoos and body art. She has around 24 tattoos, each with its own personal significance. One of Thorne’s tattoo inspirations is her love of cats. This can be seen in her tattoo of a small cat behind her ear, which she got in 2015. Further expressing her feline affinity, she has another tattoo of cat whiskers inked on the side of her right index finger, with a tiny cat nose in the center.

Thorne also has a penchant for incorporating numbers into her tattoos. For instance, she has the number “93” tattooed on her left forearm in red ink. Additionally, she chose a heart outline tattoo, which can be found on her shoulder. This minimalistic design adds a subtle touch to her tattoo collection without overpowering her other body art pieces.

Sharing with Fans

Over the years, Thorne has been open with her fans about her tattoos, offering glimpses into the meanings behind her body art. She has shared the reasoning for several ink designs on her social media accounts, providing fans an insight into her personality and style preferences.

While Thorne’s tattoos vary from her palm to her ankle and foot, each design holds a unique meaning and significance to the actress. Her personal story can be seen through the diverse collection of tattoos she has acquired. By sharing these stories with fans, Thorne has deepened her connection with them, showcasing her confidence and openness while remaining neutral and clear in her explanations.

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