Shay Mitchell Tattoos: A Comprehensive Guide

Shay Mitchell, a talented actress best known for her role in the hit TV show Pretty Little Liars, has made headlines for her discreet yet meaningful tattoo collection. With each piece representing something dear to her, her body art serves as a constant reminder of her life journey and career milestones. Although her tattoos are small and not easily noticeable, they carry significant meaning and have captured the attention and curiosity of her fans.

Shay Mitchell

Shay Mitchell’s tattoo collection includes an infinity symbol on her wrist, an initial on her finger, a roman numeral on her wrist, and writing on the back of her hand. Each of these designs holds a special meaning to the actress, whether it be connected to her time spent on Pretty Little Liars or an expression of love and sentimentality. As fans have uncovered the meanings behind her tattoos, they have also sparked interest in the tattoo artists responsible for these unique creations, as well as what influences Shay Mitchell’s choices in tattoo styles and placements.

Key Takeaways

  • Shay Mitchell’s tattoo collection is small but meaningful, reflecting significant moments in her life and career.
  • Her tattoos include an infinity symbol, an initial, a roman numeral, and writing, each carrying a sentimental meaning.
  • Fans are intrigued by the origins, artists, and inspirations behind Shay Mitchell’s tattoo choices.

Shay Mitchell’s Tattoo Collection

Finger Tattoos

Shay Mitchell has finger tattoos that hold sentimental value for her. Along with her fellow Pretty Little Liars cast members, Shay commemorated the final day of filming on October 28th, 2016, by getting matching tattoos of their characters’ initials. In Shay’s case, she got her character Emily Fields’ initial “E” tattooed on her finger.

Wrist Tattoos

Shay has chosen to keep her wrist tattoos subtle and elegant. One such tattoo is an infinity symbol embellished with the word “love” in white ink. This wrist tattoo is barely noticeable due to its white ink, which perfectly blends in with her skin color.

Roman Numeral Tattoos

Another interesting addition to Shay Mitchell’s tattoo collection is a Roman numeral tattoo. While its meaning remains secretive, this tattoo showcases Shay’s willingness to embrace various concepts for her body art. The presence of Roman numerals adds a level of sophistication and mystery to her tattoo ensemble.

Pretty Little Liars Cast Tattoos

Matching Tattoos

The cast of Pretty Little Liars, a popular television show that aired from 2010 to 2017, formed a strong bond both on and off set. To commemorate their time together, cast members Shay Mitchell, who played Emily Fields, Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Troian Bellisario, and Sasha Pieterse decided to get matching tattoos in 2017.

The actresses opted for a minimalist design that featured their respective character’s initials. The tattoos were placed on each cast member’s “shushing” finger, which not only paid tribute to the show’s iconic opening sequence but also symbolized the sisterhood they had formed.

In addition to the matching tattoos, Shay Mitchell has a few other personal tattoos with unique meanings. For example, she has the Roman numerals “I IV III” (1 4 3) inked on her wrist, which represents the code for “I Love You.” This numerical tattoo adds a sentimental touch to her collection.

Significance and Meanings

I Love You Tattoos

Shay Mitchell’s tattoos showcase her admiration for love. One of her well-known tattoos is the infinity symbol on her wrist, which has the word “love” tagged within it. This tattoo is rather discreet as it is done in white ink, causing it to blend seamlessly with Shay’s skin color.

Initials and Codes

Shay also has a tattoo of the initial E, representing her character, Emily Fields, from the popular TV show “Pretty Little Liars.” The initial, positioned on one of her index fingers, adds a personalized touch to her body art, while still keeping a sense of mystery.

Another secretive piece of Shay’s tattoo collection is the code 143, which, though the exact meaning remains undisclosed, has led to much speculation and curiosity among her fans. This demonstrates Shay’s inclination towards having individuality and exclusivity in her tattoos.

Infinity Symbol

The infinity symbol on Shay’s wrist holds a deep meaning for her. In addition to its representation of love, the infinity symbol also signifies the idea of endless possibilities and an everlasting connection to the things that hold significance in her life. The choice to have this particular tattoo in white ink further emphasizes its personal and unique importance to her.

Tattoo Artists and Influences

Jon Boy

Shay Mitchell’s tattoos have been influenced by various artists, one of them being Jon Boy, a renowned celebrity tattoo artist. Jon Boy is known for creating delicate and minimalistic tattoos for celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber (formerly Hailey Baldwin), and Rihanna.

Jon Boy was the artist behind one of Shay’s well-known tattoos, the Roman numerals “I IV III” on her right wrist. The code “1 4 3” stands for “I Love You”, based on the number of letters in each word. Shay visited Jon Boy to bring this dainty design to life, and he was the one who officially revealed the ink on Instagram in his signature style.

Celebrity Tattoo Artists

Celebrity tattoo artists like Jon Boy have played an essential role in shaping the tattoo industry and its trends. With their minimalist and understated designs, they have popularized a modern tattoo style that appeals to a wider audience, including celebrities like Shay Mitchell.

Working with these high-profile artists also helps celebrities like Shay express their personality and life experiences through tattoo art. The unique designs created by these artists carry significant meaning and sentiment for their clients.

With artists like Jon Boy influencing and contributing to Shay Mitchell’s tattoo collection, it’s evident that the impact of celebrity tattoo artists has a lasting effect on the industry and the designs that are popular today.

Shay Mitchell’s Tattoo Inspiration

Shay Mitchell, a talented actress and model, has a collection of four known tattoos, each carrying a unique and sentimental meaning. One of her first tattoos is an infinity symbol with the word “Love” tagged in it using white ink. Located on her left wrist, the white ink creates a subtle, almost hidden effect as it blends with her skin tone.

In October 2016, Shay and her fellow cast members from the TV show Pretty Little Liars celebrated their final day of filming by getting matching tattoos of their characters’ initials. Mitchell’s character, Emily Fields, is represented by the letter “E” tattooed on her finger. This meaningful piece commemorates the bonds formed among the cast throughout the series production.

Another interesting tattoo Shay has is the “143” inked on her body. Although the exact meaning of this tattoo remains elusive, it is speculated to be linked to the late Cory Monteith, who also had the same tattoo. Both Shay and Cory shared a special friendship, and the tattoo seems to be a tribute to their connection. This mysterious “143” tattoo has also caught the attention of fans, as stars like Ariana Grande and Lea Michele have been seen sporting similar ink.

Shay Mitchell occasionally shares glimpses of her tattoos on social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram. Images of her ink can be found across Facebook fan pages and articles from sources like Refinery 29. Each tattoo reflects not only her creativity, but also the meaningful experiences and connections in her life.

Tattoo Trends and Styles

White Ink Tattoos

White ink tattoos have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their subtle and unique aesthetic. Instead of the traditional black ink, a white pigment is used, giving the tattoo a more delicate appearance. To apply a white ink tattoo, a needle with white pigment is used to pierce the skin at a specific depth, similar to how traditional tattoos are applied. The result is a design that blends in well with your skin tone, making it less noticeable than a traditional tattoo, but still visible under certain lighting.

The decision to get a white ink tattoo should be well informed, as there are a few downsides and considerations. They tend to fade faster than black ink tattoos, and may require more frequent touch-ups. Additionally, some people have an allergic reaction to white pigment, which could cause complications.

Small Tattoos

Small tattoos are another popular trend in the world of body art. They are a great way to express personal style and creativity without committing to a large or elaborate design. Typically sized under a few inches, these designs include symbols, letters, or minimalist images that hold significant meaning for the wearer.

There are numerous benefits to choosing a small tattoo. For instance, they can be easily concealed if the need arises, and are generally less expensive than larger, more intricate tattoos. Small tattoos are also usually quicker to heal, and can be less painful due to the smaller surface area and decreased needle usage.

Public Reactions and Speculations

Theories and Interpretations

Shay Mitchell is known for her tiny tattoos, each carrying a sentimental meaning. The internet has been buzzing with various theories and interpretations regarding her tattoos. For instance, her Roman numerals tattoo “I IV III” has been a topic of speculation among online communities. Some believe it represents a meaningful date or milestone in her life, but the exact meaning remains secretive.

Her new tattoo, spotted during Coachella, added another layer of curiosity among fans. As people continue to discuss the meanings behind her tattoos, it highlights the personal and permanent factor within body art. Shay’s tattoos reflect her vibes, experiences, and journey.

Social Media Reactions

On social media platforms like Instagram, Shay Mitchell’s tattoos have been well-received by fans and netizens. Posts and comments about her tattoos often discuss how she chooses small, meaningful designs while others admire her ink for its aesthetic aspect.

  • Permanent factor: Fans acknowledge the permanent nature of tattoos and the significance of choosing designs that resonate with one’s identity.

  • Sweating profusely: Some mention the sweating pictures of Shay during Coachella, showcasing that even stars are not immune to the struggles of festival vibes.

  • Bone: Some followers have noticed that the placement of the tattoos is often on parts of her body where there are bones, like her fingers and wrist, adding to their subtlety and charm.

Shay Mitchell’s Other Interests

Shay Mitchell is a confident and talented actress, best known for her role in the popular TV show “Pretty Little Liars.” Alongside her love for tattoos, Shay has a variety of other interests that she enjoys in her personal life.

Being based in Los Angeles, California, she appreciates the city’s vibrant atmosphere and diverse opportunities. The area offers a perfect blend of urban life and natural beauty, with the entertainment industry thriving in the city. Los Angeles encourages her to explore various creative outlets, from acting to fashion and even car culture.

Shay’s fascination with secrets, much like her character in “Pretty Little Liars,” drives her to engage with captivating mysteries and thrillers. This enthusiasm allows her to fully immerse herself in the intricate narratives of such stories, whether through television, film, or literature.

In addition to her love for acting and mysteries, she also has a keen interest in cars. Los Angeles is well-known for its extensive car culture, with many famous collectors and enthusiasts calling the city home. It’s not uncommon to spot luxury and vintage vehicles cruising down scenic California roads. This has likely contributed to her own appreciation for the automotive world.

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