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Man's hand with a UV ink tattoo.

Glowing Art: The Best UV Tattoo Inks

UV tattoo ink has revolutionized the world of body art, providing a unique and intriguing way for people to express themselves. These special inks are designed to be invisible or barely visible under normal light conditions but become vibrant and luminous under ultraviolet (UV) light. Artists and tattoo lovers have embraced this innovation as it …

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Equipment, including lighting, in a tattoo studio.

Lighting Up Your Art: Best Lighting for Tattoo Studios

Tattoo studio lighting varies in forms and functions, with options ranging from overhead lights to adjustable lamps that create customized illumination in specific areas. The key is to find lighting that minimizes shadows and provides consistent brightness to support an artist’s intricate work. Additionally, the right lighting setup can contribute to a clean and professional …

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Client resting arm on tattoo arm rest.

Professional Tattooing: The 5 Best Tattoo Arm Rests for Your Studio

One essential component of a successful tattoo session is the tattoo arm rest, significantly improving the artist’s and client’s experience. Keep reading for our carefully curated list of the best tattoo arm rests to elevate your tattooing experience and provide optimal comfort for your clients.

Tattooed woman holding jar of ointment.

Soothing Your Skin: The Best Tattoo Ointments

Freshly tattooed skin is considered an open wound so it requires special care to ensure proper healing and prevent infections. Keep reading for the five best tattoo ointments for your new ink, including a helpful guide for what you should look for in an ointment meant for tattooed skin.