NikkieTutorials Tattoos: A Comprehensive Guide to Her Ink

NikkieTutorials, also known as Nikkie de Jager, is a renowned beauty influencer and YouTube sensation known for her impressive makeup skills and her honest, larger-than-life personality. What many fans may not know is that Nikkie is also a lover of tattoos, with several inkings adorning her body that hold personal significance.


Her tattoo collection is as diverse in meaning as they are in design. From a zoo-themed sleeve featuring animals like a wolf, an owl, a panda, and a penguin, to a meaningful phrase “never give up” on her left arm, each tattoo tells a unique story. It’s intriguing to explore the background and inspirations behind these works of art and examine the public’s reaction to them.

Key Takeaways

  • NikkieTutorials has a collection of tattoos with various meanings and designs.
  • Some of her tattoos include a zoo-themed sleeve and a meaningful phrase on her arm.
  • These tattoos offer insight into her personal life, inspirations, and public reactions.

NikkieTutorials: A Brief Overview

Nikkie de Jager, more popularly known as NikkieTutorials, is a renowned YouTuber and makeup artist beloved for her beauty tutorials and engaging content on social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. Born on March 2, 1994, in the Netherlands, Nikkie has established herself as a prominent voice in the beauty community throughout her career.

Over the years, Nikkie has amassed millions of fans worldwide and has made headlines after courageously coming out as a transgender woman in early 2020. This heartfelt announcement was met with widespread support, further solidifying her influence and authentic connection with her audience.

Nikkie’s journey extends beyond the realm of beauty, as her personal life saw big events when she got engaged to her now-fiancé, Dylan, in August 2019. Moreover, her talents have taken her to various platforms, including television, where she co-hosted the Eurovision Song Contest held in Rotterdam in 2021.

Combining her charisma, sincerity, and makeup artistry prowess, Nikkie de Jager has left an indelible mark as an influential figure in the digital world.

NikkieTutorials’ Tattoo Collection

NikkieTutorials, also known as Nikkie de Jager, is a well-known YouTuber who is no stranger to tattoos. She has an impressive collection of ink on her body, each with a special meaning or significance.

One of the most recognizable tattoos of NikkieTutorials is the motivational phrase “Never Give Up” prominently displayed on her left forearm. This serves as a constant reminder for her to stay persistent in the face of challenges. Additionally, she has the phrase “Don’t waste your life hiding” on her right forearm, which further adds to her motivational tattoo collection.

On her left wrist, Nikkie has a heart and heartbeat design, symbolizing the importance of living life to the fullest. A little farther up on her upper arm, Nikkie has a unique geometric design that features a video camera. This tattoo pays homage to her passion for creating content and being a YouTuber.

Another interesting tattoo Nikkie has is inspired by the movie “Silence of the Lambs.” It is a map design placed near her eye on her upper arm. This tattoo showcases her love for the movie as well as her appreciation for captivating and thrilling storytelling.

Apart from these, NikkieTutorials also has a collection of four animal tattoos: a wolf, a panda, an owl, and a penguin. Each animal holds a special meaning for her and represents different aspects of her personality. The wolf symbolizes loyalty and strength, while the panda is a sign of her love for simplicity and relaxation. The owl represents wisdom and the ability to see through difficult situations, and the penguin signifies being playful and enjoying life.

Inspirations Behind the Tattoos

NikkieTutorials, a popular makeup artist and YouTuber, has several tattoos that hold significant meaning, motivation, and a reflection of her personality. Many of her tattoos serve as a source of inspiration and support.

One of her notable tattoos is the quote “Never Give up” written on her left forearm. This motivational phrase can be linked to her overall determination and confident attitude. Another meaningful writing inked on her right forearm says “Don’t waste your life hiding”. Considering her public journey with makeup and later, her personal life, this mantra encourages her to embrace her true self.

As a makeup artist, the tattoo of eyelashes on her wrist ties back to her profession. This simple, yet meaningful tattoo represents her love for makeup and her career in the beauty industry.

A fascinating piece among her tattoos is the world map inked on her eye. This might symbolize her love for traveling the world, or metaphorically illustrate her perspective, observing and learning from different cultures and experiences.

Lady Gaga, a powerhouse in the music, fashion, and beauty industry, is one of NikkieTutorials’ inspirations. Although there isn’t a specific tattoo dedicated to Lady Gaga, it’s possible that the confidence and boldness embodied by this artist have influenced Nikkie’s decision to get inked.

In the world of makeup and fashion, Lauren Conrad is another influential figure. While we couldn’t find a direct connection between her tattoos and Lauren Conrad, it’s safe to assume that prominent personalities in the beauty industry have played a role in shaping NikkieTutorials’ life and career.

Public Reactions to NikkieTutorials’ Tattoos

NikkieTutorials, a popular YouTube star and makeup artist, has garnered attention not only for her makeup skills but also for her tattoos. With millions of subscribers on her YouTube channel and a strong presence on TikTok, she has become a well-known personality in the beauty world. Her tattoos have sparked conversations and reactions among her fans and other celebrities.

Many of Nikkie’s tattoos are related to her personal journey as a transgender woman and her career as a makeup artist. For instance, the world map on her right forearm symbolizes her journey from being an insecure girl to a confident woman who has connected with people all over the world through her makeup tutorials.

Various celebrities and fans have praised Nikkie’s tattoos, admiring the creativity and the meanings behind them. The reactions are evident on social media platforms, where users share their thoughts, show their support and even disclose their personal experiences related to the tattoos.

NikkieTutorials and her boyfriend Dylan Drossaers have also shared their experiences and thoughts about her tattoos, adding further depth to the public’s understanding of their significance. Dylan’s presence in some of her YouTube videos has shown the couple’s bond and support for each other, which endears them to fans.

NikkieTutorials’ Beauty and Makeup Techniques

NikkieTutorials, a well-known beauty influencer, has gained a massive following due to her confident and knowledgeable approach to makeup. With her neutral yet clear tone, she has guided her audience through various makeup techniques and product reviews, resulting in an increased understanding of the beauty industry.

When it comes to eyelashes, NikkieTutorials often emphasizes the importance of using high-quality fake eyelashes to enhance the overall look. As a makeup enthusiast, she has tried and tested numerous brands, helping her followers choose the best products for their needs.

Her expertise extends to eyeshadow palettes as well. NikkieTutorials has collaborated with several brands like Beauty Bay and Jeffree Star, developing her own palettes that cater to the diverse preferences of her fans. Her collaboration with Beauty Bay resulted in an eyeshadow palette that is both versatile and rich in pigment, offering a wide range of shades for different makeup looks.

In her popular “The Power of Makeup” series, NikkieTutorials demonstrates the transformative effect of makeup on one’s appearance. She explores various techniques, such as contouring and highlighting, to show how makeup can accentuate one’s features and boost confidence.

Throughout her content, NikkieTutorials has maintained a strong focus on providing valuable information and impartial advice to her audience. Her experience in the beauty industry has made her a reliable source for makeup tips, product recommendations, and guides to achieving flawless makeup looks.

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