Lana Del Rey Tattoos: A Comprehensive Guide

Lana Del Rey, the soulful singer and songwriter, is not only celebrated for her powerful vocals and thought-provoking lyrics, but also for her intriguing collection of tattoos. Artfully etched on her body are several tattoos with deeply personal meanings, ranging from tributes to loved ones to expressions of her unique outlook on life. Fans and tattoo enthusiasts alike can appreciate the fascinating stories behind these intricate designs and the sentiments they represent.

Lana Del Rey

As you explore Lana Del Rey’s tattoos in this article, you’ll discover the significance of each design, the locations of her tattoos, and the reoccurring themes and influences that connect them. Whether influenced by a close family member, an iconic figure, or her own creative passions, her tattoo collection offers a window into her introspective and captivating world. And although some tattoos may have faded or been removed, each one remains a testament to the moments and relationships that have shaped her journey.

Key Takeaways

  • Lana Del Rey’s tattoos reveal deeply personal stories and subjects close to her heart.
  • The locations and designs of her tattoos bear significant meaning and reveal recurring themes.
  • Some tattoos have faded or been removed, but their significance endures as part of her journey.

Lana Del Rey’s Tattoos

Lana Del Rey, a widely acclaimed singer known for her soulful vocals and poetic lyrics, has several meaningful tattoos, each with its unique personal touch. She has a collection of memorable ink on her body which often pays tribute to influential figures in her life.

One of Lana Del Rey’s most remarkable tattoos is the M written in cursive on her left hand. This piece pays homage to her grandmother, Madeleine. Other tattoos can be found on her hands as well, such as “Trust no one” on her right hand, and “Die young” on her right ring finger. These tattoos show her reflections on life, death, and trust.

Lana Del Rey also has a series of tattoos on her chest, honoring four legendary musicians: Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, Nina Simone, and Billie Holiday. She inked ‘Whitney’ and ‘Amy’ on the right side of her chest and ‘Nina’ and ‘Billie’ on the left side as a tribute to these iconic artists.

On her left hand, the word “Paradise” is tattooed, symbolizing her view of death as an idyllic oasis. This theme plays a part in her music, often fraught with themes of love, loss, and nostalgia.

While her tattoos are deeply personal, they serve as a testament to her admiration for important figures in her life, reminding her of the inspirations that have shaped her career. Each tattoo tells a story, representing Lana Del Rey’s background, experiences, and the profound connections she shares with these artists.

Tribute Tattoos

Singer Tributes

Lana Del Rey has been influenced by multiple iconic singers throughout her career, and some of her tattoos pay tribute to these artists. She has displayed admiration for Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, Whitney Houston, and Amy Winehouse. Fans have taken inspiration from these connections and have chosen to immortalize their favorite singers through their own tattoos. For instance, a fan may decide to ink lyrics from a Nina Simone or an Amy Winehouse song that resonates with them, creating a unique tribute to both Lana Del Rey and the artist being referenced.

Literary Tributes

Lana Del Rey’s work often includes literary influences, and her fans have recognized this by inking tributes to famous writers who have impacted their lives as well. Lana quotes and references authors such as Vladimir Nabokov and Walt Whitman in her songs, leading some fans to choose tattoos featuring lines from these authors’ works. For example, a fan might get an excerpt from Nabokov’s “Lolita” or a line from Whitman’s “Leaves of Grass.” These literary tattoos offer a timeless reflection of the fans’ love for Lana’s artistry and the writers who’ve inspired her.

Tattoo Locations

In this section, we will explore the various locations of Lana Del Rey’s tattoos, focusing on her hand tattoos and upper body tattoos.

Hand Tattoos

Lana Del Rey has tattoos on both her right and left hands. On her right hand, she has the phrase “Trust no one” inked on the side, reflecting some of the themes in her music, such as love and loneliness. This tattoo serves as a reminder of the lessons she has learned in Hollywood.

On her left hand, Lana Del Rey has the initial “M” tattooed. This is in reference to Chateau Marmont, a famous hotel in Los Angeles, which she has mentioned in multiple songs, such as “Off to the Races” and “Heavy Hitter”.

Upper Body Tattoos

Lana Del Rey has several tattoos located on her upper body, including her arms, chest, and collarbone.

  • Right Arm: On her right arm, Lana Del Rey has yet to reveal any tattoos.
  • Left Arm: She has a tattoo that says “Chateau Marmont” on her left arm, referencing the same hotel as her left hand tattoo.
  • Chest: Lana Del Rey has four names tattooed across the top of her chest: “Whitney” and “Amy” on the right side, and “Nina” and “Billie” on the left side. These tattoos may be in tribute to Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, Nina Simone, and Billie Holiday, iconic women in the music industry.
  • Collarbone: There is no information about tattoos on her right collarbone or anywhere on her collarbone.

Influences and Themes

Lana Del Rey’s tattoos showcase a combination of her poetic lyrical style and the influences that have shaped her unique artistry. Many of her tattoos embody themes from her songs and the various emotions she conveys through her soulful vocals.

One prominent tattoo on her left hand is the word “Paradise.” Lana has described this tattoo as representing a connection between death and paradise, which she envisions to be a calm and relaxed state after death. This theme features in her song “Life is Beautiful,” reflecting one of her cohesive artistic motifs.

Another meaningful tattoo is the combination of names “Whitney Amy” and “Nina Billie,” which represent her admiration for four influential singers: Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, Nina Simone, and Billie Holiday. It’s clear that Lana draws inspiration from these artists, and her tattoos serve as a way to commemorate their influence on her life and work.

In addition to her admiration for singers, Lana’s tattoos also reveal her interest in literature. She has a tattoo of Vladimir Nabokov and Walt Whitman’s names on her arm, highlighting her passion for reading and the influence that these writers have had on her music. Her song “Off to the Races,” for instance, contains references to Nabokov’s famous work Lolita.

Lana has also drawn inspiration from her life experiences. She has a script tattoo that reads “trust no one,” which serves as a reminder of the lessons she has learned about trust and loneliness. The phrase “die young” is inked as well, reflecting a contrast between life’s fleeting nature and the desire for permanence, as expressed in her songs “The Other Woman” and “The Blackest Day.”

Many of Lana’s tattoos feature cursive handwriting and simple script designs, demonstrating her fondness for elegance and beauty. This style complements the themes of love and longing that permeate her music, such as in her albums Norman Fcking Rockwell!* and Lust for Life.

Removed and Faded Tattoos

Lana Del Rey, known for her poetic and soulful music, also has a collection of tattoos that are just as meaningful to her. In recent years, she has had a couple of tattoos removed or faded, possibly signifying changes in her personal life and growth as an artist.

One notable tattoo that underwent removal is the “Die Young” ink on her right ring finger. Although the exact reason for the removal remains unclear, it could be related to Lana’s evolving perspective on life and the concept of mortality, as conveyed in her interview about her “Paradise” tattoo.

Apart from the removed tattoos, some of her other inkings have faded over the years, likely due to natural aging and the location of the tattoos. Since most of her tattoos are on her hands, exposure to sunlight and daily activities can cause the ink to fade more quickly than tattoos in other areas.

It is important to remember that tattoos are a form of self-expression and can be deeply personal. The decision to remove or let a tattoo fade can signify personal growth, changing perspectives, or a desire to move on from certain life events.

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