The Meaning Behind Lauren Jauregui’s Tattoos

Widely considered a modern form of art and self-expression, tattoos have grown increasingly common, including among professional musicians. For example, if you’re a fan of pop and R&B, perhaps you’ve heard of the award-winning girl band, Fifth Harmony. Singer and songwriter Lauren Jauregui used to be a member, and she has gotten some ink.

If you’ve ever been curious about Lauren Jauregui’s tattoos, this is the place to learn about them!

Lauren Jauregui's Tattoos

Who is Lauren Jauregui?

Those interested in Lauren Jauregui’s tattoos are usually fans of her music first and foremost, but there’s more to her than sheer talent.

Also known as 5H, the band Fifth Harmony was formed during a season of The X Factor in 2012 and consisted of five young women. Lauren Jauregui was one of them, praised for her “mature” and “husky” singing voice.

Though the band has been on hiatus since 2018, the 26-year-old Lauren has continued making a name for herself as a singer, songwriter, and political activist. She’s most notably advocated for improved education, criminal justice, voting, and general human rights, including for LGBTQ and immigrant communities.

The daughter of Cuban- and Spanish-American parents, Lauren grew up attending Catholic school, where she learned to sing, dance, paint, write, and play the piano. Considering her lifelong love for the arts, Lauren Jauregui’s tattoos are unsurprising yet fascinating!

All About Lauren Jauregui’s Tattoos

Lauren has publicly discussed her passion for expressing herself through ink. She has received six tattoos, each with a significant meaning. Learning about Lauren Jauregui’s tattoos is a great way to understand her better, and knowing her thought process could inspire you to choose the right designs for yourself!


The dragonfly was the first of Lauren Jauregui’s tattoos, designed in 2014. Located in the middle of the back of her neck, the tattoo depicts a vertical dragonfly from an aerial point of view, head facing upward and wings spread out.

After her maternal grandmother died, Lauren frequently saw dragonflies while going about her daily life. This phenomenon felt to her like a reminder that her grandmother’s spirit is still present, watching over her and offering support. It seems fitting that the tattoo would be on the back of her neck, as though her grandmother is constantly behind her.


Having felt close to her paternal grandmother as well, another of Lauren Jauregui’s tattoos was created in 2016 to honor her memory. Her outer left wrist reads “Angelica,” her late grandmother’s name. The elegant cursive font suggests the beauty that Lauren indeed finds in her grandmother’s spirit and legacy. The tattoo site is also easily visible as a steady reminder of what’s important to her.


On the inner left wrist, you’ll see another of Lauren Jauregui’s tattoos. This one shows a bee in the same style as the dragonfly–an aerial perspective, straight position, and wings extended.

Though Lauren received the tattoo in 2018, she hasn’t revealed the inspiration behind it. Some fans theorize that it’s a nod to the family crest of House of Aureum from the fictional world of Halsey’s Hopeless Fountain Kingdom album, to which Lauren contributed.


Not surprisingly, a thriving music career is life-changing. Lauren found the success she wanted as an artist independent of Fifth Harmony, starting when she performed her first solo show on June 6th, 2018, while touring in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Her show was the opening act for Halsey’s Hopeless Fountain Kingdom World Tour.

One of Lauren Jauregui’s tattoos says “6.6.18” in clear, delicate print to commemorate such a huge step in her career.

I Am That I Am

One of Lauren Jauregui’s tattoos speaks to her Biblical knowledge and upbringing as a Catholic school student. You’ll find the words “I Am That I Am” in tiny, exquisite cursive on her lower back. According to the book of Exodus, this phrase is God’s answer to Moses when the latter discovers a burning bush and asks who is speaking to him from the flames.

There may be several reasons why Lauren chose this tattoo. Officially, she explained it by stating, “I am alive because I am alive,” expounding upon how she feels connected to the world around her.

However, it could also point to her spiritual or religious convictions. She passionately speaks out against using Christianity to excuse immoral actions or beliefs, often countering them with her knowledge of the Bible. Perhaps the words also sum up her journey toward self-acceptance as a bisexual Cuban American. In any case, it is the most spiritual of Lauren Jauregui’s tattoos.


Although Lauren’s skill and dedication have played no small part in her success as a musician, she also acknowledges some luck. Since she was born on June 27th, 1996, Fifth Harmony became an official band on July 27th, 2012, and they released their album 7/27 on May 27th, 2016. She regards the number 27 as her personal lucky one.

Lauren also relates to the number’s significance in numerology. According to this school of thought, those born on the 27th of any month tend to be “compassionate, highly intelligent, and kind.” To further explain her decision to tattoo herself with the number, Lauren shared an article about its numerological meaning on her personal blog.

That’s why the Roman numerals XXVII made an appearance among Lauren Jauregui’s tattoos in 2015. Located on her right elbow, Lauren’s way of respecting the good fortune she has enjoyed because of the number.

Will Lauren Jauregui Get More Tattoos?

So far, Lauren hasn’t indicated that she plans to get more tattoos. However, considering her love for self-expression through the arts and her desire to permanently commemorate people, events, and philosophies that are significant to her, there’s a good chance that she’ll be tattooed again someday. At only 26 years old, she has plenty of time to gain more experience to inspire ink!

In any case, Lauren is active on social media and shares details about her life and thoughts through her personal blog. She also does interviews and attends public events. Whenever you want an update on Lauren Jauregui’s tattoos, check out her pages and writings and any videos featuring her. She may announce or show off a new tattoo that you’ll love!

If you love Lauren Jauregui’s tattoos, consider commenting on her posts or videos to let her know. She loves to interact and connect with her fans!

Get a Meaningful Tattoo!

Each of Lauren Jauregui’s tattoos is special to her. If you’re the type of person who wants tattoos because of what they can mean or symbolize to you, her example is one to follow.

However, she’s not the only one who has put much thought into her inks! We’ve put together several articles about celebrity tattoos and what they mean. Whether you’re looking for ideas or love talking and thinking about ink, we have plenty of material for you to enjoy!

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