Best Tattoo Chair: Our Top 5 Picks for Comfort and Functionality

Tattoo chairs are an essential piece of equipment for any tattoo artist or studio. They provide a comfortable and stable surface for clients to get inked on, and as an artist or owner, you want to be sure your chairs are up to the task.

We understand the importance of a reliable tattoo chair for your business, so we’ve selected the 5 best. With the best tattoo chair, your clients will be comfortable, and your tattooing experience will be more enjoyable and efficient. That’s a win-win!

A tattoo chair and ring light in a tattoo shop. Best tattoo chairs.

Top Picks

Best Overall
LUXMARS Tattoo Chair

Best Multipurpose
Best Choice Products 71in 3-Section Multipurpose Massage Bed

Best Portable
BestMassage Portable Tattoo Chair

Best Overall

LUXMARS Tattoo Chair

LUXMARS Tattoo Chair, Multipurpose Facial Chair 73 Inch Spa Salon Facial Bed with Massage Equipment Spa Stool for Beauty Spa Tattoo, Black

The LUXMARS Tattoo Chair is a comfortable and versatile choice for your salon needs.

The chair’s surface is not only waterproof, but it’s also scratch-resistant and easy to clean, providing durability and a comfortable experience. The high-density sponge filling ensures that your clients will feel relaxed while sitting in this chair.

One of the unique features of this tattoo chair is its adjustability. With a maximum backrest angle of 65° and a footstool tilting up to 60°, this chair’s design conforms to the human body’s curves, ensuring optimal comfort for your clients. The bottom spring design makes adjusting the angle incredibly easy, and the steel A-frame construction guarantees sturdiness and support for users up to 330 pounds.

While the LUXMARS Tattoo Chair offers many great features, there are a few drawbacks to consider. First, the assembly of the chair can be a bit challenging. Additionally, the chair is quite heavy at 62 pounds, which might not be suitable for those wanting a more lightweight and portable option. Lastly, although it has non-slip footpads, a few users have reported potential stability issues.

Despite these minor issues, the LUXMARS Tattoo Chair is a good investment for salon owners or tattoo artists looking for a comfortable, adjustable, and durable tattoo chair. The chair even comes with a matching adjustable stool and toolkit, making for a complete setup.


  • Waterproof, scratch-resistant surface
  • Adjustable backrest and footstool
  • Sturdy steel construction


  • Assembly required
  • Heavy at 62 pounds
  • Possible stability issues

Best Multipurpose

Best Choice Products 71in 3-Section Multipurpose Massage Bed

Best Choice Products 71in 3-Section Multipurpose Massage Bed, Spa & Salon Facial, Tattoo Chair w/Hydraulic Stool, Removable Headrest, Facial Cradle, Towel Hanger - Black

The Best Choice Products 71in 3-Section Multipurpose Massage Bed is a versatile and comfortable option for anyone looking for a reliable tattoo chair.

This chair’s adjustable headrest, footrest, and removable armrests allow for easy and comfortable positioning of clients, ensuring they are relaxed throughout the session. The Best Choice Products chair’s multipurpose design also makes it suitable for massages, facials, and other salon services, making it quite a versatile investment.

The hydraulic stool included with the chair allows you to move around freely as you work on clients. This stool’s 360-degree swivel and cushioned faux-leather seat make it comfortable to use for long periods. Plus, the removable towel rack near the chair is convenient for keeping hand towels within reach, adding an extra touch of convenience to your workspace.

However, some potential drawbacks may be worth considering. For one, the assembly can be a bit challenging for some people. Additionally, there have been reports of inconsistencies in sturdiness over time and issues with the footrest break holding properly. Despite these minor concerns, the Best Choice Products 71in 3-Section Multipurpose Massage Bed is a solid choice overall, providing an ideal mix of comfort, convenience, and versatility to meet the needs of most professional tattoo artists.


  • Multipurpose design, suitable for massages, facials, and tattoos
  • Adjustable headrest and footrest for client comfort
  • Comes with a hydraulic stool, providing unrestricted movement for the tattoo artist


  • Some assembly is required, which can be a bit challenging
  • Possible inconsistencies in the sturdiness of the chair over time
  • The footrest break may not always hold properly

Best Portable

BestMassage Portable Tattoo Chair

Portable Massage Chairs Tattoo Chair Therapy Chair 4 Inches Thickness Sponge Height Adjustable Folding Massage Chair Face Cradle Salon Massage Chair SPA Chair Carring Bag

This portable chair is a solid investment for anyone in need of an easy-to-use and comfortable tattoo chair.

The BestMassage Portable Tattoo Chair offers durability and convenience for professional tattoo artists, as well as for people who want the flexibility of setting up a comfortable chair at home or in their office. The chair’s heavy-duty metal frame ensures strength and stability, while the high-density foam cushioning provides exceptional comfort for your clients.

The PU leather upholstery is both water and oil resistant. This feature makes cleaning a breeze, ensuring your chair maintains a professional appearance and is ready for your clients every time. However, be aware that some customers have noted inadequate headrest adjustment for taller clients. You may also encounter differing maximum weight capacities in the chair’s documentation, so proceed with caution if you expect clients close to the chair’s upper weight limit.

Another potential drawback is the chair’s limited adjustments, which may not be ideal for accommodating clients with a wide range of different body types. On the other hand, the chair has a foldable design and comes with a carrying case, which makes it incredibly easy to transport and store. Assembling the chair is also tool-free and quick, taking as little as three minutes.

In conclusion, the BestMassage Portable Tattoo Chair offers an excellent blend of convenience, comfort, and durability. Its portability and easy setup make it an ideal choice for tattoo artists on the go or those frequently changing locations. Just be mindful of its potential limitations and discrepancies in the specifications to ensure that it meets your needs.


  • Sturdy metal frame supporting up to 300lbs
  • High-density foam for superior comfort
  • Easy-to-clean, water-resistant PU leather


  • Headrest may be inadequate for taller individuals
  • Maximum weight capacity discrepancy in information
  • Limited adjustments for varying client body types

OmySalon Massage Salon Tattoo Chair

OmySalon Massage Salon Tattoo Chair Esthetician Bed with Hydraulic Stool,Multi-Purpose 3-Section Facial Bed Table, Adjustable Beauty Barber Spa Beauty Equipment, Black

The OmySalon Massage Salon Tattoo Chair is designed with your clients in mind. The hydraulic rotating stool, adjustable headrest and footrest, and cushioned faux-leather seat offer a customizable seating experience ensuring maximum comfort during long tattoo sessions. It also adapts well to other salon services, such as facials or massages, due to its versatile 3-section design.

The chair’s strong construction and waterproof, scratch-resistant PVC leather make it easy to clean, prolonging its lifespan. However, the stool included might not be suitable for everyone, so you may need to consider investing in a more ergonomic option for better support.

While assembling the chair is easy with the provided instructions, you need to be cautious with its handling. Clients must be careful when getting on or off the chair, as unstable movements could lead to the chair tipping over.


  • Hydraulic rotating stool with adjustable height
  • Sturdy construction with high-quality materials
  • Adjustable headrest and footrest for client comfort


  • The stool might not be suitable for everyone’s back
  • The chair could potentially be unstable if not handled with care
  • Assembly required

Artist Hand Facial Bed Massage Table

Artist hand Facial Bed Massage Table Adjustable Tattoo Chair W/Free Barber Bed Spa Chair Salon Massage Equipment Tattoo Bed Salon Chair with Tattoo Stool

As a tattoo artist, you expect your equipment to be both comfortable for your clients and easy to work with. The Artist Hand Facial Bed Massage Table has an adjustable backrest and footrest that can recline to different angles, allowing your clients to find the perfect position for their tattoo session. Made with PVC leather and a high-density sponge, this tattoo chair not only looks professional but also provides excellent support for clients up to 375 lbs.

Setting up this tattoo chair is a breeze; its quick installation method saves you valuable time. It’s perfect for not just tattooing but also massages, facials, or other salon needs. The included stool adds versatility to your workspace, ensuring you can work efficiently and comfortably.

However, there are some drawbacks. The arm bars might not lay down flat, which could be an inconvenience for both you and your client. It’s also essential to ensure your clients mount and dismount the chair properly, as it may tip otherwise. Some parts may be mismatched or worn when you receive the product, potentially requiring further adjustments for proper function.


  • Reclining back and footrest for customizable client comfort
  • Durable PVC leather material and high-density sponge for support
  • Easy installation process saves time


  • Arm bars may not lay down flat
  • Some parts may be mismatched or worn from shipping
  • Chair may tip if client improperly mounts or dismounts

Buying Guide

When you’re in the market for the best tattoo chair, it’s essential to keep a few key features in mind. This buying guide will help you make an informed decision and choose a chair that meets your needs.

A tattoo chair and other tattooing gear in a shop.

Comfort and Adjustability

First and foremost, consider the comfort of both the artist and the client. Look for a chair with ample padding and ergonomic design. The chair should also be easily adjustable to accommodate various positions for the client and different artists’ heights. Easy-to-use levers, hydraulics, and rotations can make or break the overall experience.

Material and Durability

Select a chair made of high-quality materials to ensure its durability. Typically, chairs with a sturdy frame, such as aluminum or steel, can hold up well over time. Additionally, choose a chair with a comfortable and easy-to-clean surface material like PU leather or vinyl.

Stability and Weight Capacity

The chair should be stable and secure to prevent any accidents or discomfort while working on a tattoo. Make sure the chair has a good weight capacity and a wide, stable base to accommodate clients of all sizes safely.

Portability and Storage

For artists who travel or work in small spaces, a lightweight and portable chair is essential. Look for a chair that’s easy to fold, has wheels or handles for ease of movement, and can be stored in a compact manner when not in use.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the essential features of a comfortable tattoo chair?

When looking for a comfortable tattoo chair, you should consider the following features:

  • Adjustability: A good chair should offer multiple points of adjustment, allowing you to find the right position for your client easily. Look for chairs with adjustable height, backrest angle, leg rest angle, and optional headrest.
  • Padding and support: A comfortable chair should have ample cushioning and support to keep your clients relaxed during long tattoo sessions. Ensure the chair has a sufficiently padded seat, armrests, and footrests.
  • Stability and sturdiness: The chair should be sturdy and not wobble. A durable, well-constructed chair will ensure safety and provide a stable platform for you to work on.

What should I look for when choosing a portable tattoo chair?

When selecting a portable tattoo chair, consider the following factors:

  • Easy assembly and disassembly: Your tattoo chair should be simple to set up and pack down, allowing you to get to work quickly.
  • Weight and storage: A lightweight, foldable chair will be easier to transport to various locations. Look for chairs with a compact storage size when folded.
  • Durable materials: Opt for a chair made from sturdy, weather-resistant materials that can withstand frequent transportation and use.
  • Adjustability and comfort: Even though it’s a portable chair, you should still ensure that it offers a good level of adjustability and comfort for your clients.

Do artist-specific chairs with armrests improve the tattooing experience?

Artist-specific chairs with armrests do have some advantages that can enhance the tattooing experience for both you and your clients:

  • Ergonomic support: Artist-specific chairs often have strategically placed armrests that help to reduce strain on your back and shoulders while tattooing. This can help you maintain your focus and minimize fatigue during long sessions.
  • Client comfort: Adjustable armrests can help your clients find a more comfortable position and promote relaxation during their tattoo session.
  • Precision: A stable armrest can provide a steady platform for the client’s arm or leg, leading to more precise work and better tattoo results.

Take a Seat in one of the Best Tattoo Chairs

A line of tattoo chairs in a tattoo shop.

Though preferences and individual needs will vary, we’re certain that one of these well-vetter tattoo chairs will be a good fit for your shop – or mobile studio! If you’re overwhelmed by the options, you can’t go wrong with our top pick: LUXMARS Tattoo Chair.

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