Best Fontana Tattoo Shops: Your Guide to Top Ink Parlors

Fontana, California, is home to numerous tattoo shops that cater to diverse styles and preferences. Tattoo enthusiasts can find experienced artists who can create stunning pieces ranging from intricate designs to personalized illustrations. With an upsurge in the popularity of tattoos, many local residents and visitors gravitate towards these studios to express their unique personality and stories through body art.

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Among the top-rated tattoo shops in Fontana are Dark Hearts Tattoo, Iconiq Tattoo Studio, and Ink Pagoda. These establishments have garnered positive reviews from clients due to their exceptional craftsmanship and professional approach. Each studio prides itself on prioritizing customer satisfaction while maintaining a comfortable and hygienic environment for their clientele.

Those seeking to get inked in Fontana can confidently choose from these reputable shops, knowing they’re in the hands of skilled artists who prioritize both quality and customer experience. With such talent available in the city, Fontana continues to thrive as a hub for creative expression and the evolving world of tattoos.

Top Fontana Tattoo Shops

In this section, we will explore some of the best tattoo shops in Fontana, California. These shops have been highly-rated by customers on Yelp and are known for their talented artists and quality work.

Tinta Kultura Tattoo Studio

Tinta Kultura Tattoo Studio is a highly-rated destination for tattoo enthusiasts in Fontana. With skilled artists and a wide range of styles, this shop is known for delivering exceptional tattoo art to its customers. The atmosphere is welcoming, and the staff is dedicated to making sure your tattoo experience is nothing short of satisfactory.

Cool Cat Tattoo

Cool Cat Tattoo is another well-known tattoo shop in Fontana, California. They have a reputation for producing high-quality tattoos and offering a variety of styles, catering to different preferences. Cool Cat Tattoo is also known for its friendly staff and clean, professional environment.

Dark Hearts Tattoo

Dark Hearts Tattoo has established itself as a reliable and popular option for those seeking tattoos in Fontana. With talented artists and a comfortable atmosphere, clients can get a wide variety of designs done here. They are recommended for their creativity and ability to bring ideas to life on the skin.

Mohave Creative

Mohave Creative is a reputable tattoo shop in Fontana, California, known for its unique and innovative tattoo designs. With their creative team of dedicated artists, Mohave Creative prides itself on providing a superb tattooing experience to each of its clients.

Iconiq Tattoo Studio

Iconiq Tattoo Studio is another top-rated tattoo shop in Fontana. Their skilled team has a wealth of experience, enabling them to produce excellent tattoo art for their clients. The shop is noted for maintaining a clean and professional environment, ensuring that clients feel at ease throughout the process.

Empire Tattoo

Empire Tattoo is a sought-after tattoo shop in Fontana, offering a variety of styles and designs to suit the needs of their clients. Their artists are known for their artistic talent and precision, guaranteeing customer satisfaction with each tattoo. Empire Tattoo also provides a clean and friendly atmosphere to ensure an enjoyable experience.

These top-rated tattoo shops in Fontana, California, offer exceptional service and quality tattoo art. If you are considering getting a tattoo in the area, be sure to visit one of these shops for a consultation and discuss your ideas with their experienced artists.

Tattoo Styles and Techniques

Fontana is home to numerous skilled tattoo artists who are well-versed in a variety of tattoo styles and techniques. These professionals work in different shops throughout the city, creating unique and eye-catching pieces that reflect their clients’ individual preferences and personalities. In this section, we will explore some of the most popular tattoo styles and techniques dominating the Fontana landscape today.

Black and Grey

Black and grey tattooing is an iconic style that has stood the test of time, and artists in Fontana excel at this technique. This style involves the use of various shades of black, grey, and white to create stunning and lifelike tattoos with bold contrasts, smooth shading, and a high level of detail.


Fontana’s tattoo artists are skilled at incorporating vibrant, dynamic colors into their work, using a wide range of hues and saturation to create eye-catching, detailed designs. Whether it is a bold, striking design or a delicate, intricate piece, the use of color adds depth and individuality to each tattoo.


Capturing someone’s likeness in a tattoo is undoubtedly a challenging endeavor, but Fontana’s tattoo artists prove they’re up to the task. Specializing in realistic, detailed portraits, these artists demonstrate their incredible ability to convey the subtle details and expressions that make each image unique.


Artists in Fontana proudly display their talent in the realm of realism tattoos, a technique that aims to replicate real-life images as accurately as possible. From lifelike animals and plants to intricate landscapes and still-life compositions, Fontana’s artists can create astonishing works of art that push the boundaries of what is possible in tattooing.


The Japanese tattoo style, with its rich history and iconography, has captivated tattoo enthusiasts worldwide. Fontana’s tattoo artists are no exception, and their expertise and dedication to this style have earned them a solid reputation. Incorporating traditional elements such as dragons, koi fish, and samurai, Japanese-inspired tattoos in Fontana are not only visually striking but often deeply symbolic as well.


A true classic never dies, which is why the traditional tattoo style remains a favorite in Fontana. Showcasing bold, black outlines, vibrant colors, and iconic imagery such as roses, anchors, and skulls, traditional tattoos have a timeless appeal that transcends generations.


From delicate, cursive script to bold, block lettering, Fontana’s tattoo artists are skilled at creating beautifully crafted text tattoos. These designs may include inspirational quotes, names, dates, or other personal sentiments, adding a deeply meaningful and unique touch to each piece.

New School

Pushing the boundaries of creativity, Fontana artists have embraced the New School tattoo style, characterized by exaggerated proportions, vibrant colors, and whimsical imagery. The result is a bold fusion of traditional tattooing techniques with contemporary subject matter and artistic influences, producing distinctive pieces that truly stand out in the crowd.

Cover Ups and Memorial Tattoos

Fontana, CA has several tattoo shops that are highly-rated when it comes to cover-ups and memorial tattoos. Both of these types of tattoos require skilled artists with the ability to work with existing ink and create designs that have a personal and emotional connection.

Dark Hearts Tattoo is one shop in Fontana with positive reviews for cover-up tattoos. Appropriately named, cover-ups are tattoos which artfully conceal a previous design, leaving no trace of the original ink. Whether it’s due to an unfortunate design choice, faded ink, or simply wanting a change, cover-up tattoos require patience and precision from the tattooist. Dark Hearts Tattoo has proven itself as a go-to spot for the citizens of Fontana seeking cover-ups.

Memorial tattoos, on the other hand, are inked in tribute or remembrance of a loved one, often featuring names, dates, or symbolic designs. Fontana-based tattoo enthusiasts have expressed high satisfaction with the work of Iconiq Tattoo Studio, Old Cucamonga Tattoo Company, and Breakthrough Tattoo for creating moving and poignant memorial tattoos.

It’s crucial to find a tattoo artist who understands the importance of detail in these types of tattoos. Cover-ups need to be flawless, as they must effectively conceal the original ink without giving away the fact that they are, in fact, hiding something. Memorial tattoos often hold emotional significance, and the art should pay homage to the feelings behind the design.

When searching for a tattoo shop in Fontana for cover-ups or memorial tattoos, make sure to explore reviews, ratings, and portfolios to ensure that the artists at the shop will cater to your needs. It’s important to find an artist who has experience creating similar tattoos, as this guarantees competence and the ability to understand your needs effectively.

Walk-Ins and Appointments

If you’re considering getting a tattoo in Fontana, California, you’ll be pleased to know that there are several highly-rated tattoo shops in the area. While some of these shops may accept walk-ins, it’s always a good idea to call ahead and check for availability. This is particularly important if you have a specific artist in mind or if you’re looking for a more complex design that may take more time.

Walk-ins are convenient for clients who want to get a tattoo without scheduling an appointment in advance. However, keep in mind that walk-in availability can be subject to artist availability and may also depend on the size and complexity of the desired tattoo. For smaller tattoos or simpler designs, you’ll likely find more options when it comes to walk-in availability.

One of the highly-rated tattoo shops in Fontana is Artifacts Ink Studio, located at 8631 Sierra Avenue. The studio has been in operation since 2005 and is known for its talented artists who specialize in traditional tattooing. While the shop may accept walk-ins, we recommend calling ahead to inquire about artist availability and wait times.

Aside from Artifacts Ink Studio, there are other reputable shops such as Dark Hearts Tattoo, Iconiq Tattoo Studio, Empire Tattoo, and Upper Level Ink. To find out if these tattoo studios accept walk-ins, give them a call or visit their websites to learn more about their booking policies.

Piercing Services

Foothill Tattoo

Foothill Tattoo is one of Fontana’s popular tattoo and body piercing shops. They are known for their skilled artists and expertise in various piercing types, ensuring that clients get the best experience possible. When it comes to body piercing, Foothill Tattoo covers a range of styles and areas, such as nipple piercings, ear piercings, and more.

Ear Piercing

Ear piercing has always been a prevalent body modification choice. In Fontana, shops like Windflower Piercing Studio and The Piercing Bar offer professional and safe ear piercing services. Both studios have extensive selections of earrings to choose from, so clients can personalize their look. Expert piercers will guide clients through the process, taking extra care for those getting their first piercing.

Body Piercing

For those interested in other body piercing options, Fontana has a few shops that specialize in unique piercing styles. Windflower Piercing Studio and The Piercing Bar are known for their high-quality body jewelry and certified piercing professionals. They offer a wide range of body piercings, including nipple piercings, navel piercings, and more.

Piercing Jewelry and Materials

When it comes to selecting the perfect piercing, considering the type of jewelry and materials used is essential. Many of the best piercing shops in Fontana, CA, such as Windflower Piercing Studio and The Piercing Bar, prioritize the quality of both the piercing process and the jewelry itself.

Implant grade titanium is a popular material choice for piercing jewelry due to its biocompatibility, strength, and resistance to corrosion. This type of titanium is designed specifically for medical implants and long-term wear, making it an ideal choice for piercings. Not only is it lightweight and hypoallergenic, but it also reduces the risk of allergic reactions and complications during the healing process.

Besides titanium, other high-quality materials used in the piercing industry include surgical stainless steel, niobium, and gold. These materials are known for their durability and safety, ensuring a comfortable and worry-free experience for those getting pierced.

  • Surgical stainless steel is a more affordable option and contains small amounts of nickel. While generally safe for most people, individuals with nickel allergies should opt for implant grade titanium, niobium, or gold.
  • Niobium is less commonly used but is an excellent allergenic-free alternative to implant grade titanium. It is lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and comes in various colors.

In addition to the materials, many piercing shops in Fontana carry a diverse selection of jewelry styles, catering to diverse preferences and aesthetics. From simple studs and rings to ornate dangles and hoops, customers have plenty of options to choose from.

When deciding on a piercing shop in Fontana, it’s essential to consider the quality of the jewelry and materials used, as well as the skills and experience of the piercers. By choosing a shop that prioritizes safe and high-quality materials like implant grade titanium, you can feel confident in knowing your piercing experience will be both satisfying and successful.

Our Artists

At the heart of the best Fontana tattoo shops are the talented and skilled artists who bring their unique creativity and expertise to every client. We are proud to introduce our diverse team of artists who strive to deliver exceptional tattoos and an enjoyable experience for everyone who walks through the door.

Peps is an exceptional artist with a passion for black and gray, realism, and large-scale pieces. With years of experience under his belt, Peps’ attention to detail has garnered him a well-deserved reputation for creating life-like art that stands the test of time. His calm and friendly demeanor helps put clients at ease as he guides them through the design process and brings their ideas to life.

Jesse, another highly skilled artist on our roster, specializes in traditional, neo-traditional, and Japanese styles. With a flair for bold colors and intricate design, Jesse takes pride in crafting tattoos that embody the spirit and personality of the wearer. Known for his excellent communication skills, he ensures that each client feels comfortable and understands the process every step of the way.

At Foothill Tattoo, our resident artist Bob focuses on custom pieces that blend various styles to create truly one-of-a-kind designs. With a deep understanding of both technical and artistic elements, Bob’s innovative approach results in stunning tattoos that reflect his commitment to pushing the boundaries of the art form. He is known for his patience, professionalism, and attention to hygiene and safety standards.

Lastly, we have Foo, a versatile artist who excels in a variety of styles such as blackwork, geometric, and illustrative designs. Foo’s ability to listen and understand clients’ ideas, combined with his impeccable line work, ensures that every tattoo tells a unique story. His approachable and reassuring demeanor makes him the perfect artist for first-timers and experienced tattoo enthusiasts alike.

These accomplished artists represent the best of what Fontana’s tattoo scene has to offer, and their dedication to their craft is evident in the stunning artwork they create. Trust our team to bring your vision to life, and rest assured that you’re in good hands with Fontana’s finest and most talented artists.

Nearby Tattoo and Piercing Shops

Rancho Cucamonga

In Rancho Cucamonga, a nearby city to Fontana, there are popular tattoo and piercing studios known for their professionalism and quality work. Some noteworthy shops in the area include:

  • Inked Society: A well-established studio with friendly and skilled artists, covering a wide range of styles.
  • Skin Decision Studio: Renowned for its clean environment and highly experienced staff, providing high-quality tattoos and piercings.
  • Rancho Cucamonga Ink Shop: A locally-owned shop offering custom tattoo designs in various styles and expert piercings services.


Riverside is another nearby city where you can find reputable tattoo and piercing shops. A few prominent establishments in the Riverside area are:

  • Black Anchor Tattoo: A popular studio known for its exceptional artwork and professional staff, catering to an array of tattoo styles.
  • Riverside Body Art: Offering high-quality tattoos and piercings, Riverside Body Art is a respected choice for body modification enthusiasts.
  • The Parlor Tattoo Shop: With a team of skilled and versatile artists, The Parlor Tattoo Shop specializes in many styles, from traditional to modern tattoos.

Finding the right tattoo or piercing studio is essential for ensuring quality work and a comfortable experience. The options in both Rancho Cucamonga and Riverside are known for their high standards – making them excellent choices for those looking to get inked or pierced in the Fontana area.

Custom Tattoo Designs

Fontana, California, is home to some exceptional tattoo shops that specialize in custom tattoo designs. These artistic havens cater to customers seeking unique and personalized artwork to adorn their skin. From the initial design process to the final stages of inking, these Fontana tattoo shops have gained a reputation for their creativity, talent, and customer service excellence.

A notable shop known for their custom tattoos is Iconiq Tattoo Studio, where experienced tattoo artists collaborate with clients to create exclusive pieces of art. Located at 8127 Mulberry Ave, this studio emphasizes professionalism and is open Tuesdays through Sundays, 1 pm to 8 pm.

INK PAGODA also serves as a hub for custom tattoos, boasting an impressive 4.7-rating out of a possible 5 stars. This shop is lauded for its rigorous quality standards and focus on customer relationships, demonstrated by positive reviews praising its history, satisfaction levels, and general excellence.

For those looking to obtain custom tattoo designs from shops that value creativity, personal comfort, and artistic inspiration, Fontana has several options to consider. Whether it’s from shops like Iconiq Tattoo Studio or INK PAGODA, clients can expect a comprehensive and fulfilling experience with expert artists supporting the process from start to finish.

Prices and Sizes

When exploring the best tattoo shops in Fontana, CA, it is essential to understand the prices and sizes available at each establishment to make a well-informed decision. Each tattoo shop offers a variety of options for customers, accommodating different budgets and preferences.

At Ink Pagoda, piercings start from $20, while the price of tattoos varies depending on the design, size, and complexity. Iconiq Tattoo Studio and Empire Tattoo are known for providing remarkable tattoo services too, with their rates mirroring those of average tattoo shops in the area.

In general, the cost of a tattoo in Fontana can range from $50-$200 for small and simple tattoos to $500-$2000 for more elaborate, large-scale pieces. It is essential to note that most tattoo artists charge on an hourly basis, with rates often falling between $75-$150 or more, based on factors such as the artist’s experience, the shop’s popularity, and the level of detail required.

Tattoo sizes typically fall into one of these categories:

  • Small tattoos: approximately 2 to 4 inches in size, with relatively simple designs such as small symbols, initials, or tiny illustrations.
  • Medium-sized tattoos: measuring around 5 to 8 inches in size and including more intricate designs like larger icons, nature motifs, or quotes.
  • Large tattoos: often taking up larger portions of the body and requiring multiple sessions, consisting of designs like meaningful scenes, full sleeves, or intricate patterns.

Customization options are available at many Fontana tattoo shops, so customers can consult with the artist to tailor the design to their personal preferences or explore different styles, such as realism, traditional, tribal, or Japanese tattoos.

Reviews and Testimonials

In Fontana, CA, there are several renowned tattoo shops that have earned their reputation through exceptional customer experiences and skilled artists. Ink Pagoda is one such popular location highly rated by satisfied customers. With a 4.7 rating and 113 reviews, Ink Pagoda has established itself as a preferred choice for tattoo enthusiasts.

One of the key factors contributing to the success of the top tattoo shops in Fontana is their talented and knowledgeable business owners. For example, the owner of Dark Hearts Tattoo has received some negative feedback for their communication skills. However, it is essential to look at the overall experience provided by the shop, including popular services provided by other talented artists at the location.

In recent reviews, Iconiq Tattoo Studio has been described as one of the best tattoo shops in Fontana. One of the reasons behind their popularity is the helpful advice provided during tattoo consultations. Customers have praised the studio for applying ointments that speed up the healing process and offering vitamin supplements as an added benefit.

At Empire Tattoo, customers have also commended their wide range of popular services. With 76 consistently positive reviews, it further reinforces that top-rated Fontana tattoo shops deliver a satisfying experience for their clients. As part of their commitment to excellence, these shops offer services like custom tattoo designs, cover-up tattoos, and expert advice on getting the perfect tattoo.

In conclusion, the top tattoo shops in Fontana have built their reputation based on factors such as:

  • Skilled business owners and talented artists
  • Excellent customer service and communication
  • A wide range of services to cater to varied customer preferences

While it is essential to read reviews and testimonials for tattoo parlors near Fontana, CA, it is equally important to visit these locations yourself to make an informed decision based on your own experience.

Safety and Cleanliness

In the bustling city of Fontana, you’ll find numerous tattoo shops striving to earn your trust by ensuring their studios prioritize safety and cleanliness. When it comes to selecting a shop that upholds the highest hygiene standards, it’s essential to keep a keen eye on certain notable factors.

First and foremost, a reputable tattoo shop will visibly demonstrate its commitment to cleanliness. You should observe that all surfaces and equipment are routinely sanitized, and that the artists always wear gloves during the tattooing process. It’s also critical that needles, ink caps, and any other items coming into contact with your skin are single-use and disposed of in the proper manner.

Another significant aspect to look for in tattoo shops is the autoclave sterilization process. An autoclave is a device that efficiently sterilizes instruments by using high pressure and steam. Confirming that a shop utilizes an autoclave will showcase their dedication to maintaining a clean and safe environment for clients.

Additionally, it’s important to verify that the artists working at the tattoo shop are professionally trained and possess up-to-date certifications in bloodborne pathogens and first-aid courses. This knowledge aids them in following best practices to mitigate any risks of infection during the tattooing process.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask questions or voice any concerns about their procedures. Trustworthy tattoo shops will be more than willing to provide thorough and transparent answers, ensuring that you feel confident in their ability to deliver a safe and clean experience.

In Fontana, it’s clear that many tattoo shops prioritize safety and cleanliness in their studios. By keeping these factors in mind, you’ll be well-equipped to make an informed decision when selecting the perfect shop for your ink desires. With proper research and consideration, you will find a studio that matches your expectations both artistically and hygienically.

Virtual Consultations

In today’s digital era, many top tattoo shops in Fontana are offering virtual consultations to provide a convenient and safe way for clients to discuss their designs with professional artists. By utilizing technology, these Fontana-based artists can help clients finalize the perfect tattoo design and plan the session accordingly.

Dark Hearts Tattoo and Iconiq Tattoo Studio are prominent examples of Fontana tattoo shops that offer virtual consultations. This enables customers to connect with their tattoo artists through video chats or messaging platforms, reducing the need for multiple in-person visits. It also allows clients who live farther away or have tight schedules to receive personalized and timely advice from the professionals.

In addition to Dark Hearts Tattoo and Iconiq Tattoo Studio, other Fontana tattoo shops which have earned a reputation for their services include Empire Tattoo, Foothill Tattoo, and Artifacts Ink Studio. While not explicitly mentioned alongside virtual consultations in the provided search results, it’s possible that these tattoo shops also provide such services given their commitment to customer satisfaction.

It’s worth mentioning the availability of virtual consultations for studios based outside of Fontana, such as Ink’d Chronicles and Lucky 7 Tattoo. These tattoo shops may cater to a broader clientele and showcase a wide variety of tattoo styles. Albeit not located in Fontana, they can provide valuable inspiration and ideas for those considering a tattoo.

Furthermore, for clients seeking budget-friendly options, it’s advisable to research and reach out to various Fontana tattoo shops, both renowned and lesser-known, as some might offer affordable virtual consultations.

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