Desautels Tattoo Meaning

Have you seen the Desautels tattoo popping up on social media? Maybe you’re wondering the tattoo is all about? We’ve got some answers for you. 

The Desautels tattoo became popular because of actress Kenzie Reeves. She used to have the word “Desautels” tattooed across her chest, but has since had the tattoo removed.

Let’s take a closer look at just what’s behind the Desautels tattoo meaning. 

Desautels Tattoo Meanings

The word “Desautels” is a last name and is what we call a habitational last name. Habitation last names specify the place that a family originates from. In this case, Desautels is a fusion of a French definite article and the name of the place itself. The last name of someone from this area would literally be “Des Autels” or “The Autels.” 

In this case, this habitational last name tells us that the person’s family hails from a northern region of France. Interestingly, France isn’t the country with the highest number of people with the last name Desautels today — it’s actually Canada!

This tattoo has entered popular conversation thanks to adult film actress Kenzie Reeves. She wore this tattoo as a chest piece in a cursive font. Reeves likely has some connection to the north of France or this family history.

Most last name tattoos are adopted by individuals that have a family connection to that last name. It might not be their own last name — instead, it could be the last name of someone they care deeply about such as a relative or friend. 

Desautels Tattoo Variations 

Last name tattoos are popular versions of name tattoos. The Desautels tattoo is just one specific example of this tattoo trend.

In the case of the Desautels tattoo, Reeves wore the tattoo across her upper chest, just below her clavicle, in a stylish cursive font. The tattoo was only the name “Desautels” without any other details, symbols, or embellishment.

The choice of font is an important decision when getting a surname tattoo because it sets the tone of the tattoo. For instance, Old English font is a classic style of lettering that looks “tough.” On the other hand, cursive fonts look regal and fancy but they can be a little difficult to read, especially as they age. The exact same name tattoed in these two fonts has a different feel to it just from the style of the letters used, as you can see from this image of the name “Emma.”

Image of the name "Emma" created in 10 different font styles.  A font can change the mood of a Desautels tattoo meaning or any other surname tattoo meaning.

Here we see an even better example of how fonts affect the readability of text. The name “Liam” is easier to recognize in some fonts than others, so you’ll want to have your tattooist show you what the name will look like in a font before you have it inked onto your skin. You may find that while the letters look fine in the alphabet layout, they aren’t the most readable when combined to create the surname you want for your tattoo.

Image of the name "Liam" shown in  10 different font styles.

As tattooing has advanced, all kinds of tattoo font choices can be made. You can get anything from a simple helvetica all the way to an intensely complicated graffiti design. 

Desautels Tattoo Styles

The style for the Desautels tattoo is done in a cursor font across the top of the chest just underneath the clavicle bone. This is a popular location for large banners of text. It’s not uncommon for people to get family names tattooed across this part of the body.

There’s no limit to the style of name tattoos — a surname tattoo can be done in nearly any tattoo style. The first decision is whether or not the name will appear as a standalone word, such as Reeves’ Desautels tattoo, or as part of a larger tattoo.

There are countless creative ways including names in a tattoo image. The symbols or details of the tattoo’s imagery create the overall context for the name in the tattoo.

A name tattoo may represent a love of family and commitment to their family’s history. But a name tattoo may also signify that someone is striking out on their own and breaking away from family tradition.

Family name tattoos are very personal in nature and there are some considerations for these tattoos. 

Desautels Tattoo Considerations 

There are a few things to consider if you’re thinking about getting a Desautels surname tattoo. 

A tattoo of the Desautels name became popular recently because of images of Kenzie Reeves on social media. But a Desautels surname isn’t a “universal” tattoo image like other kinds of tattoos. Unless you actually have some connection to a Desautels family lineage, wearing a Desautels tattoo could mark you as a Kenzie Reeves fan. If you don’t know what specific genre of films Reeves appears in, click here to read up on that information in order to avoid any surprises.

There are some considerations with getting family tattoos in general. You might not always have this last name. If you plan on changing your last name when you get married, you might want to hold off and wait before getting a surname tattoo. Otherwise, one day you may have to decide whether or not to tell people why the last name you have tattooed doesn’t match your own last name.

You also have to take into account the dynamics of the relationship you have with the family whose surname you’re wearing. It’s easy to get a family name tattoo if you have a strong, positive connection with your family history. However, even individuals with challenging family relationships can still get their last name as a tattoo — the tattoo just takes on a different meaning for the wearer.

Plenty of people get their last name as a tattoo as a way to stand out from the rest of their family. It can even be a positive way of reclaiming the identity of your last name by taking it back from a troubled family history.

You could also consider adding more personal detail to the tattoo. A family crest, some symbols that represent memories of your family, or other additions could all make this tattoo pop and stand out.

It’s worth pointing out that Kenzie Reeves had her tattoo removed a few years ago (in 2018 she mentioned how much tattoo removal hurt on Twitter). So whatever her Desautels tattoo meaning was, it either changed or there were other factors that influenced her decision to no longer wear the tattoo.

Desautels Tattoo Placement

Black ink tattoos of names along with side of a woman's torso, along with a seahorse tattoo next to the names.

Getting the family name tattooed across the chest is probably the most common location for these sorts of tattoos. Most last names are fairly long and it takes a lot of space to spell them. However, you can also get this tattoo across the upper back or across the arm if the lettering is small enough.

Individuals with shorter family last names have some more options. Four letter last names can be tattooed across the knuckles for an intense way of representing ties to your family.

Letters in black ink tattooed on a woman's fingers.

Last name tattoos can also be incorporated into other tattoo designs. There are all sorts of creative imagery a tattoo can use to tell the story for an individual or to represent family history. Talking to the tattoo artist will help them create a family name tattoo that expresses what it means to you.

Last names can often pop up inside of other tattoos. You can add your last name into the family coat of arms as a discreet way of hiding it in there. Last names can also be Easter eggs in more complicated tattoos.

At the end of the day, this is your tattoo and it’s about your connection with your family. The design and placement are your decisions to make. 

Desautels Tattoo Examples 

While there are many people with the last name Desautels and likely even some who wear it as a tattoo, there’s currently only one well-known example of a Desautels surname tattoo, which is the one that was worn by Kenzie Reeves.

But you can still browse the images below for inspiration and ideas for you own name tattoo. Selecting a font will set the tone and style of the tattoo and determine your choice of any details you may want in the design, aside from the name letters.

There are hundreds of fonts a tattooist can use and you can easily spend hours pulling up images. Here is only a tiny amount of what’s out there to choose from.

Example 1: This is a very lovely, ornate, and detailed cursive script, but it could be hard to read if a name is very small tattoo.

A very detailed and fancy cursive script font.

Example 2: This is a modern-looking cursive script that could be used for a name tattoo. The heavier lines make it easier to read than the previous example.

A cursive script font created in heavy lines.

Example 3: This modern Gothic font sends a very different message when used for a name tattoo. It can also be a little difficult to read, although that may be the intent of someone’s tattoo.

A modern Gothic font.

Example 4: The next three examples could be classified as “Sailor Jerry” tattoo fonts (if you don’t know about the iconic tattooist known as Sailor Jerry, then click here for a fascinating read about his work and life). They evoke the tattoos that military service members wore during World War II.

A vintage "Sailor Jerry" style tattoo font that uses shading at the tops and bottoms of the letters and numbers.

Example 5: This font has that same vintage feel to it, but with a different “personality” than the previous font.

Another "Sailor Jerry" style font that has vertical line details in the bottom half of the letters and numbers.

Example 6: Again, this font is clearly vintage-style, but with it’s own unique flavor.

Vintage "Sailor Jerry" style font with the bottom half of the letters and numbers and punctuation marks filled in with solid black.

Example 7: This simple font also has a vintage feel, but it sets a slightly different tone for a name tattoo than the Sailor Jerry-style font letters would. It’s a font that would be easy to read in just about any size lettering.

A simple font that has aspects of vintage fonts -- the top half of the letters is shaded darker than the bottom half.

Example 8: This font feels like bikers and outlaws. A name tattoo made in this font style would carry a strong meaning behind it.

An old school, vintage tattoo font used in biker/outlaw style tattoos.

Example 9: Yet another vintage font with an early to mid 20th-century historical feel to it. You’re probably catching on that “vintage” doesn’t mean just one thing when it comes to tattoo style, so it’s important to be as specific as possible.

An early to mid 20th-century font style similar to fonts used in newspaper advertisements or advertising signage.

Example 10: An angular vintage font. Used by a skilled tattooist, this could create a name tattoo that really makes a statement.

An angular vintage font with an old-school feel to it.


A tattooist working on a client.

The Desautels tattoo is a high-profile example of a surname tattoo that recently became popular in social media. As far as we know, actress Kenzie Reeves is the only pop culture individual who has worn this particular tattoo. However, if you find that you have a connection to the last name, Desautels, then this could be a name tattoo option for you.

Even if the name Desautels doesn’t have any personal significance for you, perhaps this article has given you ideas for a tattoo of a surname that does have a special meaning for you.

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