777 Tattoo Meaning

If you’re wondering what’s behind the 777 tattoo meaning, there’s no single meaning to point to. Like most tattoos, there are several possible interpretations for what the number 777 stands for. It’s often seen as a symbol of luck and magic, but it also has a spiritual significance for some. But you should also know there’s also a more sinister meaning a 777 tattoo can carry when deciding if this is the tattoo for you.

An image of 777 in gray ink with the middle 7 slightly larger than the other two.

Intrigued? Then keep reading to learn more about the various 777 tattoo meanings.

777 Tattoo Meanings

Holy Trinity Meaning

The most common meaning of the 777 tattoo expresses religious spirituality in Judeo-Christianity. The number 777 itself stands for the Holy Trinity for many, with each 7 representing the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

Angelic Meaning

The 777 tattoo also has a spiritual connotation in numerology. Seeing three numbers together has an angel significance, which each number from 1 to 9 bearing its own unique angel and spiritual meaning.

When you see the 777 tattoo, there is often a message about a connection to a Higher Power associated with it, regardless of the tattoo wearer’s identified religion.

Wisdom Meaning

For some, the number 777 may represent tapping into their own inner wisdom.

Luck Meaning

A 777 image created with red number blocks set at an angle.

It’s commonly known the number 7 is considered to be a lucky number. You’ll see the 777 tattoo with other luck symbols, including casinos, slot machines. 777 tattoos may also include symbols of wealth, abundance, or even romance, as money and love are highly desirable in life.

777 Tattoo Variations

You will see the number 777 as a tattoo with many variations. The most common style of the 777 tattoo is a number tattoo. Another variation is 777 is spelled out as “seven seven seven,” so you might see the words inked in cursive or print letters.

Lucky symbols are associated with this tattoo, and give the 777 tattoo meaning rich with luck. The most common kind of luck associated with the 777 tattoo is wealth and abundance. Casino symbols, shamrocks, pots of gold, money, and other wealth symbols are all symbols frequently connected to the 777 tattoo.

777 Tattoo and Gang Culture

There is a specific variation of the 777 tattoo that shows the three sevens joined at the bottom and sticking out from a central point. This is called “the three sevens” or a three-bladed swastika and it’s a tattoo used to identify as a member of a white supremacist group.

It’s a very intentionally styled tattoo and wouldn’t be confused with other 777 tattoos. So don’t let this discourage you from considering a 777 tattoo for yourself.

777 Tattoo Styles

There are many different ways to create the number 777 tattoo,and the image is beautiful in many tattoo styles. It’s a popular tattoo and, chances are, it’s been done in every tattoo art style.

A street art style image of 777 in red ink on a yellow circular background surrounded by a red square border.

Realism Tattoo

Realism is a popular kind of tattoo, although its artistry is not easy to find. You need an expert tattooist to be able to perform this kind of tattoo. Realism tattoos stem from French photorealism of the nineteenth century, and are inspired by bringing images to life in art form. For a 777 tattoo, the shadows and contours of realism tattoo give this number depth.

Watercolor Tattoo

Watercolor tattoos for the 777 are also very popular, and give this tattoo a fun and exciting tone to it. Common 777 tattoos in watercolors will frequently include shamrocks, money, luck symbols, rainbows, slot machines, and other colorful depictions of success or luck in life.

Neo-Traditional Tattoo

A neo-traditional tattoo is another common kind of tattoo for the 777 style. Neotraditional tattoos are tattoos that combine a few other different styles of tattoos. Here you might see some blackwork combined with realism or watercolor, to bring the 777 tattoo meaning to life for the individual wearing it. In this tattoo, you are going to see a traditional black outline, with nuances of other styles of tattoo that may include color, tribalism, or artistic design.

777 Tattoo Considerations

The 777 tattoo meaning is often a positive spiritual or religious message. But there can be some negative spiritual associations to it.

When seen with symbols such as flames or occult symbols, the 777 tattoo meaning could be pointing to hell or other negative forces.  This could mean that the tattoo wearer has experienced bad luck.

777 Tattoo Placement

Closeup of a tattooist's black gloved hands working on a client's arm.

There is no “best” place on the body for a 777 tattoo to be worn — it tends to work just about anywhere. Size plays a role in where this tattoo can be placed, especially if you have other tattoos and aren’t sure where to put this one.

To display a 777 tattoo prominently, the forearm is a popular place to wear it. For smaller 777 tattoos, the inside of the wrist is a very common area. Other locations on the body include along or around the neck, under the ear (as if the wisdom from this number is speaking to the individual), and even on the head.

777 Tattoo Examples

There are lot of ways to artistically represent the 777 image in a tattoo. Here are some images to get the creativity flowing.

Black Ink Tattoo Ideas

Example 1: This image of 777 as a slot machine display sends the message of 777 being a lucky symbol.

A black and white image of the number 777 displayed as the three numbers on a slot machine symbol.

Example 2: In this image, the 7s are shown in a manner that suggests they are the display on a slot machine.

A black and white 777 on black backgrounds that suggest a slot machine display.

Example 3: A simple outline drawing of the number 777 with the middle number exaggerated.

The number 777 is black ink outlines with the middle 7 larger than the other two.

Example 4: Another simple outline drawing of the number 777 without any exaggeration of the middle number.

The number 777 in black ink outlines.

Example 5: These 7s are placed on backgrounds that suggest casino games.

The number 777 on black rectangles with white borders and black edging.  There's a suggestion of gaming or casinos for a 777 tattoo meaning of luck or good fortune.

Example 6: This 777 image has a street-art style and the stars/starlight twinkles create a positive, happy 777 tattoo meaning. As you see below, the use of color for the image adds to the cheerful mood.

The number 777 where the middle 7 is overlaid over the other two 7s.  There are star twinkles suggested around the numbers.  The same image is shown with the numbers and star twinkles in white on orange, blue, and green backgrounds.

Color Ink Tattoo Ideas

Example 1: The bright colors used in these 777 images and the sparkle details would give a 777 tattoo meaning a very update and happy message.

An image of 777 shown in large red numbers with the middle 7 drawn larger than the other two.  The same image is shown in two different shades of blue.

Example 2: This 777 looks like it was stamped in blue ink. In the hands of a skilled tattooist, this would be a fun tattoo!

An image of the number 777 that looks like it has been stamped in blue ink.

Example 3: This 777 with stars and twinkles could have a lucky meaning or could even hint at angels and higher spiritual powers.

Example 4: This neon 777 with a partially drawn circle around it would work as a template for a tattoo in all sorts of color variations.

An image of the number 777 in neon with a partially drawn circle around it.  The middle 7 is dropped slightly lower than the other two.

Example 5: This 777 in bright colors would make for a very fun tattoo.

The number 777 in pink, purple, and yellow colors.  The middle 7 is larger and overlays the other two 7s.

Example 6: Here the number 777 is shown in a bright purple modern font with a stack of game chips next to it.

The number 777 in modern font numbers in purple with a symbol for a stack of game chips next to it.  This creates a 777 tattoo meaning with a very different mood.

Example 7: Another use of bright colors in a 777 image.

The number 777 in neon blue, purple, and yellow with each number surrounded by a rectangle border in the matching color.

Example 8: This 777 is drawn in a 3D style that creates perspective and depth within the image.

The number 777 drawn in a 3D effect in red numbers edged in gold.

Example 9: Another 777 in a modern number font where the middle 7 is given prominence by being set lower than the others.

The number 777 in red modern font numbers with the middle number being slightly lower than the other two.

Example 10: These 777s are paired with a rainbow gradient horseshoe — the message of luck of very clear with the presence of the horseshoe symbol.

The number 777 shown on a pink plaque and a blue plaque next to a horseshoe symbol created in a rainbow color gradient -- would definitely be a lucky 777 tattoo meaning.

777 Tattoo In Judaism

In Judaism, the number 7 is the day of rest, after the six days of Earth’s creation. There are also seven lamps in a traditional Menorah and the Star of David has 7 points. These are just a few examples of the role the number 7 plays in Judaism.

Closing Thoughts On the 777 Tattoo

The number 777 where the number are arranged to cascade over each other, with the middle 7 being larger than the other two.

There are several possible 777 tattoo meanings with positive messages about spiritual beliefs, luck, good fortune, and wisdom. The 777 image is generally seen as a happy tattoo, or one that is meant to be inspiring. In a few specific varitions, it does carry negative implications that you should be aware of before getting this tattoo.

But if a 777 tattoo meaning resonates with you, then have a discussion with your tattooist about creating the tattoo that best suits you.

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