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X Tattoo Meaning

The X tattoo meaning often symbolizes a bold move, and can also mean something that is even taboo or provocative. The X symbol is common to have as a standalone tattoo or in other variations that send a significant message of change or negative indications. By negative, the X is often literal, meaning “no” or… Continue reading X Tattoo Meaning

Desautels Tattoo Meaning

Have you seen the Desautels tattoo popping up on social media? Maybe you’re wondering the tattoo is all about? We’ve got some answers for you.  The Desautels tattoo became popular because of actress Kenzie Reeves. She used to have the word “Desautels” tattooed across her chest, but has since had the tattoo removed. Let’s take… Continue reading Desautels Tattoo Meaning

Ace Of Spades Tattoo Meaning

Spade tattoos are very popular, with the Ace of Spades being the most popular spade tattoo. The Ace of Spades tattoo meaning represents a number of ideas that can be positive, neutral, or negative depending on the context. The actual Ace of Spades card has even played a part in 20th century military history. If… Continue reading Ace Of Spades Tattoo Meaning

Shamrock Tattoo Meaning

A shamrock is a popular tattoo for many reasons. The symbol itself has a special feeling to it — it implies a happy-go-lucky attitude, whimsy, and even good fortune. But the shamrock tattoo meaning is not single fold, as we just saw from a first-glance impression of the symbol.In this article we’ll explore the common meanings represented by a shamrock tattoo so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not a shamrock is the right tattoo image for you.