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    Hope you’re doing well. I am writing to see learn more about any editorial or advertising opportunities you have for our brand, SkinClinical, which we believe will be of interest to your readers. We have a lotion, Extreme Healing, which has a strong cult following in the tattoo community. It’s clinically proven and has patented ingredients – it’s a very powerful formula, without being greasy or heavy – kind of like a supercharged, dry-touch Aquaphor for people who really want to give their tattoos the best care they can.

    We’d love to discuss ways we could partner together, including potentially providing funds to advertise through your Facebook account. In doing so, we can help get the word out about InkSpired to tattoo enthusiasts that don’t currently follow you on Facebook or Instagram, in addition to getting the word out about our lotion. If that isn’t of interest we are definitely open to discussing other ways we could work together!

    Thank you and looking forward to chatting further.


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