InkSpired Magazine is a magazine dedicated to the artful representation of tattoos. It is a resource for the cultural significance, artistic beauty, and passion of the tattoo community. InkSpired Magazine’s mission is to empower the tattoo community, giving it the attitude, awareness, and appreciation it deserves. InkSpired Magazine is here to capture that culture and tell those compelling stories. We feature articles on entrepreneurs, heroes, bands, organizations, musicians, world class tattoo artists and studios, and many other entities that have InkSpired stories. InkSpired Magazine inspires its readers to chase after their dreams while using their skin and ink to tell their stories. Though the magazine is based out of Denver, InkSpired features models and artists from all around the world.

The raw essence of tattoo culture, the honesty, and the passion that drives the tattoo world is represented in the multi-faceted components that contribute to InkSpired Magazine. The InkSpired community reflects an alternative lifestyle that is bold and beautiful, delicate but strong, alternatively successful, and vibrantly passionate. Being InkSpired means more than just having tattoos. It’s an attitude, a mindset, a lifestyle, a movement. It’s about using the skin as a canvas to tell a story. It’s about being unafraid of the stigmas and taboos still often associated with tattoos and proudly showcasing the art that is representative of such historical and cultural significance. So many still believe that only criminals, gang members, and delinquents have tattoos. InkSpired Magazine represents those that are successful while living an alternative lifestyle. To InkSpired Magazine, judging someone by their tattoos is like judging someone by the color of their skin. InkSpired is a brand, culture, and growing empire.

As a tattoo culture and lifestyle magazine, InkSpired brings various components to the alternative community, including fashion, art, music, food, libation, entertainment, sports and more to our passionate demographic with one common denominator we can all relate to: ink.

We are tattoo culture and lifestyle evolving.

Editor-in-Chief: Candies Deezy Liu

Creative Director: Sean Hartgrove

Art Director: David Rossa

Staff Photographer: Radek Hruby


Piercing Editor: Sean Dowdell

European Editor: Akos Banfalvi

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