Rider Justice, an organization founded to champion biker rights and safety in Colorado, has created a new car game for kids – along with a sharable video – to raise awareness of motorcyclists.

Called, “Rider UP!” the game challenges car passengers to be the first to spot a motorcyclist and yell its location in relation to the car. “Rider LEFT! Rider RIGHT! Rider BACK! Rider UP!” The player who spots and yells first is the winner. The goal is to have auto passengers help drivers locate nearby bikers, and to also train future drivers to watch for motorcyclists on the road.

“I grew up playing Punch Buggy or Slug Bug, punching my siblings every time we spotted a VW bug,” says Scott O’Sullivan, founder of Rider Justice and owner of The O’Sullivan Law Firm. “I’ve always wanted to create a game for kids that raised awareness of motorcyclists and even bicyclists on the road… except without the punching, which can add another level of distraction for the driver.”

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