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Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive compound in cannabis and hemp known for its health-boosting properties. CBD is commonly used for a wide array of benefits, including reduction of stress and anxiety, treatment of seizures and epilepsy, pain relief, arthritis, allergies, inflammation, as well as joint and mobility issues. This “miracle” oil is also widely known for its cancer-fighting properties. And now pet owners are using CBD as a supplement for their dogs. Moxy’s Dog Oil is an all natural and safe CBD tincture for your dog. It contains specific CBDs derived from hemp plants for wondrous medicinal effects for your pet.

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Dog owners always have their fur baby’s best interests in mind. The health and happiness of our pets are an important aspect to our experiences with them. Happy puppies = happy humans.

To use, place 1 dropper of Moxy’s per 40 pounds on your doggy’s food, treats, or directly in their mouth for the best benefits.

“I have a 9-year-old Australian Shepherd/Lab mix named Sadie. She’s been an active dog her whole life, but now that she’s getting older she’s developed arthritis in her hips and legs. In recent years, her hips/back legs would spaz out and shake really bad when we’d finish a walk or hike, her ability to walk up stairs became a struggle, and she could no longer jump on the couch or my bed without me helping my lifting her up. I was talking to a friend of mine about Sadie’s problems and she recommended Moxy’s CBD oil for dogs. I’ve heard so much about the positive effects of doggie CBD so I was elated when she gave me a sample of Moxy’s to try on Sadie. I literally can’t express enough how happy I am with this product! The first day I gave Sadie her dose of CBD I noticed a difference! When we got back from our walk her legs didn’t shake and spas out as they normally would. All of her pain seemed to go away because she was running up the stairs and jumping on and off the couch and my bed with ease! It blew my mind observing the effects of Moxy’s right before my eyes. It has literally changed our lives, both Sadie’s and my own. As any loving pet owner knows it’s heartbreaking to watch your baby grow old and suffer from any kind of pain whatsoever… so I am absolutely thrilled that I’ve found a product that allows for Sadie to live an active life, pain free!” -Lyndie Benson

“Moxy’s has changed the way our 3 dogs (of varying ages) interact. The dominance issues have subsided between our youngest (80lbs) and middle dog (60 lbs). Our eldest Rhodesian Ridgeback Bella seems to have an easier time getting up and down after using Moxy’s. She has previously had an ACL replaced. All of our dogs have been or are currently our backpacking companions and carry their own packs. We find that using Moxy’s during our adventures helps them to remain calmer during travels and on the trails with all the variables involved (squirrel!!). What an amazing product. I hope other animals get the opportunity to use this wonderful extract!”

the Hastie Family
Bella, Bongo and Zeppelin

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