#ShutTheHellUp Why Social Media is Your Worst Enemy After an Accident

By Scott O’Sullivan, The O’Sullivan Law Firm 

Imagine this: You’re the victim of an awful motorcycle accident. The other driver is clearly at fault and, depending on your injuries and medical needs, you may be owed hundreds of thousands of dollars. But one day, you’re finally having a good day after the accident, and you take a picture of yourself hiking Long’s Peak and you post it on Facebook. You were in tremendous back pain the entire hike but felt so proud of yourself that you just had to share the image with your friends because they’ve all been rooting for you and supporting you since the accident. You want them to know you’re a fighter!

But that single image could mean that you say “bye-bye” to hundreds of thousands of dollars. The other driver’s insurance company will use that post to prove that your injuries aren’t very bad and that they don’t owe you as much as you originally stated.

I’m not in any way suggesting that people lie about their injuries. I don’t promote or tolerate false reporting of injuries. But I’ve also seen people with traumatic injuries enjoy one good day and get excited because they feel like they’re getting their lives back together, and they mistakenly post something like, “I feel like I’m getting better.” The next day, they feel like a train hit them. Healing is messy like that. But the other driver’s insurance company will absolutely use that post against you.

#ShutTheHellUp. Don’t Post Anything About Your Accident
We live in a sharing culture. A baby gets her first tooth (something babies have been doing since, like, forever) and it goes viral to millions of people all over the world. It’s especially fun to share your life with family and friends whom you don’t get to see often. But you need to be very careful about how you use social media after a car or motorcycle accident.

To read more tips about social media after a car or motorcycle accident, read the full story in InkSpired’s October issue.




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