Randy Run for Fallen Bikers

By Scott O’Sullivan, The O’Sullivan Law Firm

Randy Savely knows what it’s like to face your worst nightmare. In March 2007, he was riding his motorcycle in Denver and was hit by a car. Due to his extensive injuries, Randy’s left leg was amputated at the knee.

Adding insult to injury, Randy was hit by an underinsured motorist so he was unable to secure a settlement that would cover his medical bills, lost wages and more.

“That accident changed my whole world,” recalls Randy. “It left me with nothing. I lost my leg, my house, my car… everything.”

Randy Savely

First Lesson: It Can Happen to You

No one ever thinks this kind of horrific accident can happen to them, including Randy. Yet, according to the Insurance Information Institute, in 2015, motorcyclists were 29 times more likely than passenger car occupants to die in a crash per vehicle mile traveled, and almost five times more likely to be injured.

In Colorado, in 2016, motorcycle deaths hit an all-time high, skyrocketing 15% from the year before. The 2016 number represents a 50% increase from 2012 when 79 deaths were recorded.

It’s easy to read those statistics and feel personally removed from them. But Randy is one of those statistics.

Randy Needed Help

At the time of his accident, Randy worked in the construction industry and he was fortunate to have friends who rallied to his side. Those friends staged a big event, which they called The Randy Run, and they raised money to help Randy with his medical bills.

“That experience raised my awareness on what can happen to a rider who goes down,” says Randy. “I was definitely one of those people who thought it couldn’t happen to me. Then, all of a sudden, I lost my leg.”

Life Goes On…

Randy also shares his inspiring story with riders who are going through the same thing he had faced.

“I have a real strong feeling of what it’s like when you go down,” he says. “I experienced it first-hand. After my leg was taken off, it was six months before I even got a prosthetic leg to walk again. But within a year of my accident, I was back on my bike and doing everything I did before.”

He adds, “After an accident, it’s easy to think your life is over. But I always worked on logic. After my surgery, I sat up the next day and I thought, logically, I lost my leg. But I told my wife, ‘Don’t worry. I will walk and ride again.’”

Helping Others Face What He Faced

Read the full story in the September Issue of Inkspired Magazine about how Randy turned his tragic experience into an annual event that supports other riders who have been injured while riding. Included, are many lessons that you can learn from to protect yourself if the worst happens to you.

Randy Run 2017




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