A Message to Non-Riders About Motorcyclist Behaviors

A Message to Non-Riders About Motorcyclist Behaviors
By Scott O’Sullivan, The O’Sullivan Law Firm


So, you’re driving along a city street and there’s a motorcycle behind you. If you’re like me, you become hyper-aware of that motorcyclist, knowing that you need to be as predictable as possible, keep him in your rearview mirrors, and look twice every time you make a move.

But then you come to a stop and that guy pulls up on the right, almost next to your back, right tire, and you’re thinking, “What is he doing?!”  He may even be in your blind spot.  Why didn’t he stop squarely behind you so that you can see him?

I’m sure that it can seem like he’s just messing around, playing loose with road laws, and generally being difficult.

But what if he’s being safe?

Before you read any more, you need to watch this terrifying video.

Can you imagine if that biker was right in line with the car in front of him? He’d be dead. And his buddies up ahead would be severely injured.

Now, for those who aren’t regular bikers, you might think, “Yeah, but that’s a freak accident. There’s no need for bikers to always pull to the right because that kind of accident is so rare.”

It’s not rare. In fact, it’s becoming more common in Denver as our streets become more congested and drivers become angrier. However, the most common motorcycle-versus-car accident is when drivers make a left-hand turn across oncoming traffic and plow right into a biker who has no time to react.

In the first five months of 2017, my friends at BikerDown received 42 calls for assistance from motorcyclists who were hit by drivers. An alarming number of those bikers were hit by cars making left-hand turns right into them and several of those bikers lost their legs.

To read more about keeping motorcyclists safe on our roads, read the full story in InkSpired Magazine’s August issue






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