Tattooed Millionaire: An Entrepreneur’s Road To Success in the Tattoo & Piercing Industry


In Tattooed Millionaire, entrepreneur, Club Tattoo co-owner/founder, and world-renowned piercer, Sean Dowdell tells the honest and humbling behind the scenes story of his business success. The book gives an up close and personal, inside look into the business mindset that has created the most successful collective of tattoo studios in the world. Through anecdotes and references to the philosophy that has guided him throughout life and career, Dowdell adds further depth and meaning to his storytelling. Inspiring and insightful, Tattooed Millionaire details Dowdell’s blueprint to success. Not only is the book a thought-provoking read, it provides advice and lays out the keys to success. His story of an entrepreneurial dream come true is a must read for not only those in the tattoo and piercing industry seeking success but aspiring entrepreneurs and dream-chasers everywhere.

Dowdell, with his wife and partner, Thora, and partner, Chester Bennington (Linkin Park lead singer) have played a major and important role in revolutionizing the world of body art, tattoos and piercings alike, as well as tattoo studios. Club Tattoo has redefined the tattoo and piercing industry.

“When people ask me how I became successful in the tattoo and piercing business, the best short answer I can give is ‘desire, hard work, and determination…'” -Sean Dowdell

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