Don’t Get Punked by Your Insurance Company

Don’t Get Punked by Your Insurance Company
By Scott O’Sullivan, The O’Sullivan Law Firm

I’m seeing a disturbing trend. Actually, this shady insurance practice has been going on for a long time but I used to only see it with the… shall we say… less respectable insurance companies. Now, I’m seeing it across the industry.

Namely, insurance companies are knowingly hiding money from their own clients.

Let me share a recent story to help illustrate this frustrating reality…

A husband and wife were riding their motorcycle on a busy Colorado road. The wife was riding behind her husband. Out of nowhere, a car coming the opposite direction made a left-hand turn in front of them. They slammed into the car going full speed. Tragically, the husband died and the wife, Brenda, sustained catastrophic injuries.

Of course, the auto driver was uninsured. So, we started digging into Brenda’s coverage. Initially, her insurance company told her that she would be getting only $100,000 from her motorcycle’s policy. Thank goodness Brenda came to us because we discovered that she was owed a lot more.

Brenda called her insurance company and asked for all of the paperwork on all of the policies she owned. The insurance company told her that they could not release the paperwork due to the claim against the motorcycle policy.

A blatant lie!

Finally, we took the insurance company to court and discovered that every single one of Brenda’s vehicles had their own UIM policy, meaning we could access a lot more for her medical bills. In the end, we got $900,000 for Brenda. A far cry from the $100,000 that her own insurance company said she was owed.

To learn how to beat insurance companies at their own game, read the full story in InkSpired’s June issue

If you’ve been in a car or motorcycle accident that wasn’t your fault, don’t ever take your insurance company’s word on what you’re owed. You need an attorney’s help to dig deeper into your policies and to ask all the right questions.

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