Tattoo Studio Aims To Help Remove Gang Related Tattoos

By Candies Deezy Liu (IG: @CandiesDeezyLiu)



All Sacred Tattoo Studio and Foundation in Denver, Colorado has made waves in the tattoo community throughout the years by hosting charity events and fundraisers. Last year, All Sacred Tattoo Foundation raised $50,000 for local charities. With the motto: “We tattoo with heart,” All Sacred is a collective of artists and creatives who are committed to community betterment.

All Sacred Tattoo Studio owner, Aries Rhysing is a world-renown tattoo artist specializing in sacred geometric, dot work, and culturally inspired tattoos. A lover of the art and craft, Rhysing has not just dedicated his life’s work to tattooing. He aims to propel the community forward in a positive and profound manner.

Now Aries & Co. have set out on a mission to give those with crime or gang-related tattoos a second chance. Recognizing the great need for tattoo removal in the community, All Sacred will be offering a free clinic in the studio once a month to remove the tattoos on youth that prohibit them from getting a job due to criminal and gang affiliation. For those who need a second chance, All Sacred Tattoo Foundation wants to help facilitate that process. To do so, All Sacred has created a crowd-funding campaign to raise the funds for a tattoo removal laser machine. With almost $28,000 of their goal of $30,000 already reached, it is a testament to the tremendous support this tattoo collective has in the community.

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