NERO Beta Takeover

By Justine Corona


Beta is known for bringing us exceptional DJs from around the world and throwing some extraordinary events. That’s why when NERO took over club Beta, it was no surprise the turnout was a dance music experience to be remembered. Shoulder to shoulder, bodies upon bodies, it was an orgy of people just raging away. With Beta’s impressive sound system and good vibes, NERO lit up the room. The vibrations rattling your inner core, feeling you deep within like another heartbeat. The anticipation peaks as the bass hits, accompanied with a vocal symphony that rises with overwhelming intensity. It makes you wish you could throw in an aux-cord intravenously and be permanently hooked in. One word for true EDM badassness: “NERO.”


Starting off as a drum’n’bass act, NERO has evolved into a dubstep electronica trio composed of two producers, Dan Stephens and Joe Ray along with vocalist, Alana Stephens. The British trio truly knows what it takes to bring you wicked electro sounds that send chills across your body. Originally, it was a two-man show and at just 17, the boys began mixing on their home computers and hitting London local hot spots, turning up wherever they went. In 2008, they officially became a trio when the boys decided to bring on Alana Stephens for vocals. The transition was epic. Spreading across the UK, they quickly climbed the ladder in the EDM industry, releasing the debut EP “Requiem,” predominantly hard drum and bass, which quickly saw their acknowledgement rise within the dance music scene. With many hits like “Promises,” “Must be the Feeling,” and “The Thrill,” it’s no surprise their shows sell out and fans will dance the extra mile to see them live. Over a decade of exceptional music, they’ve remained obsolete within this genre of music, bringing us beats that are unforgettable. Having achieved a Grammy Award for the collaborative remix of “Promises” with Skrillex, and receiving a Gold certification in the U.S. plus, the release of “Welcome Reality” reaching number one on U.K. Album Charts, NERO was on fire. Ranking in on Billboard Hot 100, UK singles Chart, Dance and Independent Charts respectively, it’s no wonder they have an avid fan base forever growing. Creating albums like “Between II Worlds” and “Welcome Reality” it’s musical art that’s memorable and euphoric. Their performances have turned from the common DJ set into a live three-piece electronic band which makes them one of the few electronic acts to integrate live theatrics. They’ve toured across the globe into the U.S and Australia, taking us into their world for a night, transforming before our eyes and showcasing live band abilities which take over our minds with pure dub-electronica bliss. NERO never disappoints with their innovative minds in producing some rad electro beats making one full with anticipation waiting for their next album.



Not only has the trio set a precedent by shifting with the industry and creating theatrical lively music, they’ve created a deep connection between artist, music, and fans that’s genuine and factual. We all need an outlet to release and decompress from our daily lives, finding relatability within the music. Many artists like NERO have created music that speaks to them and in turn speaks to fans bringing us together. It’s being a part of the EDM family, vibing with one another, supporting one another, listening to one another, dancing in the crowd. It makes you feel unified. Every true fan is there for one reason and it’s to feel a connection with artists like NERO.




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