Product Review: C-Vape 2.3 Vaporizer



The C-Vape 2.3 vaporizer is sleek and effective. The metal design is discrete with a subtle nod to its home in Colorado at the base. This vaporizer is equipped with a plethora of atomizers: one for flower, one for concentrates and one for oils. The C-Vape 2.3 is the best bang for your buck vaporizer for the cannabis connoisseur who enjoys their flower and concentrates vaporized but doesn’t want to spend hundreds.

It also features an all-ceramic wax atomizer. This distributes the heat more evenly and captures unused concentrate on the edges, which depending on the quality wax, can be scraped off with the tool provided and reheated. The tool supplied creates a seamless transition of wax to vape. The C-Vape 2.3 pen is most powerful when used with concentrates. It provides those large hits quickly and discretely on the go, while you are still able to capture and appreciate the nuanced flavors of the concentrates.

The C-Vape 2.3 also comes with a flower attachment. The bowl is small but mighty. It burned the flower immediately and you are able to get around one large hit each time. The oil attachment is available to vaporize THC or CBD oils just as efficiently.

There is a 30-day warranty for the atomizers and a 90-day warranty for the battery. The battery charged quickly within about 45 minutes and lasted for about 30-40 hits per charge. The C-Vape 2.3 is staying on top of technology by providing a charge system through a USB charge port.

Overall, the C-Vape 2.3 is commendable for it’s versatile use with a reasonable price tag.  Pricing starting at $70 makes this a no brainer when it comes time to consider buying a universal vaporizer. This Colorado born vape pen leads the way for everyone’s personal vaping tastes.




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