H2Ocean’s Aquatat Tattoo Ointment



H2Ocean’s Aquatat’s special formula is a safe ointment designed to effectively protect your new tattoo. The benefits of using this aftercare product include:

  • Promotes Healing
  • No Smelly Mess
  • USP Ingredients
  • No Pimples
  • Skin Protectant
  • No Cracking
  • No Drying
  • Anti-Aging Ingredients



“Using it on my first tattoo and it keeps it looking good!” -Jared

“This is the best product to use after you get your tattoo. Always heal great with this stuff and my art always comes out vibrant. You wont be disappointed. If your gonna spend a few hundred on a tattoo and it’s gonna be something that will be on your body forever, then do yourself a favor and invest in this product.” -Brad

“This is the best aftercare product in the market today. This healed my new half sleeve in less than 2 weeks. I had 6 hours of work done and apply this product twice a day. Your tattoo will not hurt so much and it will heal faster.” -Abraham

“Best stuff out there! Always use for all of my tattoos.” -Nicky


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