H2Ocean: “First in First Aid”


H2Ocean is the world’s leader in tattoo and body piercing aftercare, as well as sea salt based health care products for safe and natural healing. Founded in 2001 by Eddie Kolos and his wife, Geri (CFO), H2Ocean is now the world’s largest and leading developer of all-natural tattoo and piercing aftercare products. As a Florida native, Eddie’s knowledge and passion for the ocean’s naturally healing properties has greatly influenced the development of H2Ocean’s products, as well as the company’s environmental friendliness.

As the “first in first aid” when it comes to caring for fresh body art, H2Ocean is the premiere tattoo and piercing aftercare company in the world. As leaders of their industry, H2Ocean combines traditional approaches of aftercare with innovative, new technology to bring the safest and best products to body art collectors. Sold in more than 5,000 retail locations in the U.S. alone, H2Ocean is distributed worldwide. Since their inception, H2Ocean has developed more products than just tattoo and piercing aftercare, such as nasal, oral, and skin care.


H2Ocean is not just an aftercare company. Throughout the years, they have successfully built solid, long lasting relationships with body art industry leaders and customers to develop a brand that has expanded beyond their exceptional products. The H2Ocean Pro Team is a collective of talented tattoo and piercing industry artists and professionals who use and recommend their products. These industry leaders and Pro Team members include “Shanghai Kate,” Bob Tyrell, Jack Rudy, Moni Marino, Horiyoshi III, Steve Haworth, Andy Engel, Sean Dowdell, Randy Engelhard, Stefano Alcantara, and many more.


Avoid being “aftercareless” with H2Ocean.

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