Sum 41 Rocks Vans Warped Tour 2016

By Candies Deezy Liu (IG: @CandiesDeezyLiu)


Each summer, punk and rock enthusiasts gather for a ritualistic eventVans Warped Tour. Since 1995, the music festival has been rocking faces across the nation at what resembles a punk rock summer camp. For many bands, performing at Warped Tour is a rite of passage.




For Sum 41, it was much more than that. As major headliners of the tour, the band made their comeback a force to be reckoned with. With a renovated lineup and a new album, 13 Voices awaiting its much anticipated release in October of this year, they made it clear that their hiatus was not taken in vain. Their performance drew in a massive crowd with old and new fans alike. Needless to say, people were stoked to watch Sum 41 rock out again.





When the multiplatinum band released their debut album, All Killer, No Filler nearly 20 years ago, their punk rock anthems reached massive chart-topping commercial success. With no signs of stopping, they continued touring around the world and releasing albums. As their tour came to an end in April of 2013 for their album, Screaming Bloody Murder, Sum 41’s frontman, Deryck Whibley came face to face with his demons of alcoholism.

The rebirth of Sum 41 and the content of their new album is largely a tribute to Deryck’s journey of sobriety. As always, their music is packed with energy and cathartic as hell. But this time, their resurgence is more profound. Deryck Whibley, Dave Brownsound, Cone McCaslin, Tom Thacker, and Frank Zummo make the new Sum of 41 equation.





Deryck’s sobriety and the addition of drummer, Zummo (featured in Issue No. 43) has breathed new life into Sum 41. Watching Sum 41 perform at this year’s Warped Tour is the best version of them I’ve ever experienced. As a wave of nostalgia hit me, I knew that Sum 41 is backbigger, better, and louder than ever.



All photos courtesy of Sean Hartgrove



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