Lea Luna Headlines Denver’s Beta Nightclub

Levelin’ Up


Denver DJ/producer/vocalist Lea Luna headlines hometown hotspot.

Words: George Peele / Orangepeelmoses.com

Images: Sean Hartgrove


Lea Luna is no stranger to Denver’s world-famous Beta Nightclub. “I was there the day it opened. I’d been anticipating it for months,” remembers the Denver native. “Memorial Day weekend takes the cake every year. It’s also my birthday. Once, I got to open for Manufactured Superstars and they played the birthday song and blew off some confetti.”


When Beta first opened about eight years ago, Luna had a Wednesday night residency playing eighties vinyl. “Beta’s sound system is a beefy Funktion One, so 808 bass records like ‘Cars That Go Boom’ bumped, while ‘Pour Some Sugar on Me’ sounded outdated,” explains Luna. “It was probably the only time in Beta’s history that someone had the audacity to request a song on the main floor.”

A lot has transpired since that debut Beta residency ran its course. Luna relocated to Hollywood for half a decade. And she’s played all over the map. “I’ve played super clubs in NYC, LA, Vegas and abroad,” says Luna. “I’ve played beaches in Hawaii and Mexico, European raves, Burning Man sound camps, warehouse raves across America, hole-in-the-wall after parties, PrideFest, Beatport’s headquarters and my best friend’s basement.”


Tables all around the world have been turned by the She-J. Still, the hometown haunt has always retained a heartbeat that’s unmatched. “Beta was created by people who are 100% about dance music. They wouldn’t sell out if hip hop offered them a boatload of money. They don’t push some pretentious dress code. They book dance music artists that are currently hot and truly skilled because they actually know what’s up.”


Luna’s star is apparently rising. Beta invited her to headline a Saturday night for the first time in February. “It was packed,” enthuses Lea. “Everyone was on the dance floor bouncing. I was smiling so big my face hurt. It was Valentine’s weekend and I’ve never felt so much love in my whole life. To play music I love on a system like that for people who love to dance is everything. Beta understands DJs, and that makes it heaven for any DJ who plays there.”


Having successfully headlined in both February and March, Luna is on deck to repeat the feat this weekend. But she’s not letting it get to her head. “Beta books huge artists. I understand how lucky I am, so I want my fans to know how much coming to see me even when it’s dumping snow means to me. I want people to show up and dance like I’m going to die at 2 a.m. There’s no wedding, baby shower, baptism, job promotion, going away party or funeral in my forseeable future, so why not celebrate my career milestone with me?”

Lea Luna headlines Beta Nightclub this Saturday, April 23. Get the 411 at BetaNightclub.com or RSVP at: https://www.facebook.com/events/2024410457783566.



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