Kate Reviews: The Lost Poets

CD cover Insubordia pt2
Reviewed by Kate Monahan

The Lost Poets first emerged in 2014 with their EP titled Insubordia, which took off.  Acclaimed, raved and said to be similar in sound to Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and even Nick Cave.

The difference in this band is that it’s only 2 members.  The Lost Poets produce a dark macabre, layered rock/grunge sound, dynamic in its delivery.  Almost mind boggling to believe it’s just a 2 man act.

TLP- Promo 1.1

Rarely am I impressed to the point of sitting back in my chair, thinking, well, damn. But while watching the music video, (link below), from their new album, Insubordia PT II, I did just that.Their new song, “Danny Electro” takes you to a place of wicked rock and roll, vibrating rhythms and heavy riffs.  Not to mention the impressive, crashing drums that make you want to get up and move.  The entirety of their sound will mysteriously transport you into another realm of sound and imagination.

TLP-Promo 2.1

The Lost Poets bring back the throttling sound of the nineties, inducing nostalgia of when you first heard Cornell and Maynard through your speakers.  While the current world of rock has been polluted with mainstream garbage, all made to sell and not move an audience – The Lost Poets are a breath of fresh air in the airwaves, coming all the way from Sweden to remind us that rock and art aren’t dead.Their new album, Insubordia PT II, is surely to be held in the same high regard as their last.

To watch the music video, “Danny Electro” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIX2z6hcfNs

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