Kate Reviews: Night Marcher

Modern Maze cover by Shaun Thomas

Reviewed by Kate Monahan

When you first listen to Night Marcher, it becomes evidently clear that you’re not listening to a simple thrown together, psychedelic, soul, rock band without meaning.  In the music, you not only find the layers of emotion that singer/songwriter/musician Rob Reinfurt has poured into the songs, but also the instrumental layers.  It has a 70’s vibe that takes you back, one where you wish you were plugged into your old hi-fi and then as the songs quickly progress, you can hear the eerie darkness and synth brought on by keyboards, guitar riffs, pounding drums and the looming bass.  Night Marcher delivers hauntingly beautiful melodies, intensities that match the sound of Reinfurt’s struggle to find himself which you’ll hear in his brutally honest lyrics.

Photo by: @thevortman

Photo by: @thevortman

If the White Stripes and Empire for the Sun had a love child, and that child got beaten up on the playground and had to pick themselves up and dust their shoulders off, Night Marcher would be that lovechild.  But really, Night Marcher has a sound unique unto itself, it’s name taken from the Hawiaan Legend.  Night Marchers are the ghosts of Hawaiian warriors, relatable to that of the band’s frontman who has fought his own battles which brought on writing music and his previous project, The Weekenders.

Photo by: @thevortman

Photo by: @thevortman

After listening to the songs, MistakesScars and Shoved, each left me feeling stricken, but hopeful and wanting, almost needing to hear the next track.  While there is pain in the music, it is that pain and raw emotion that gives Night Marcher their vibrance.  A mystic vibration of melancholy and guttural, yet uplifting rhythm that will transport you into the realm that is, Night Marcher.  This is a sound, a feeling and a band that you don’t want to miss.

Check them out on YouTube to get a taste of their music, Scars : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzlhcKBXWTg

And their website: http://www.nightmarchermusic.com/



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