DJ/Producer Minnesota Brings Major Bass to the Mile High

Written by: Candies Deezy Liu Photos by: Sean Hartgrove



Beta Nightclub is home to Gravity Fridays, a night dedicated to bringing Denver the world’s top bass artists and producers. Partnered with Reload Productions, this epic weekly night hosts a variety of drum & bass, trap, dubstep, and everything in between. Each Friday night features a roster of impressive DJs ranging from Colorado’s residents to world renown producers and artists.


Last Friday night, Beta hosted a widespread variety of talent, featuring Coult-45, Ghostboy Jones, Space Jesus, and dubstep/glitch-hop superstar, Minnesota. Beta is home away from home for Ghostboy Jones, who is a regular contributor of Gravity Fridays. Colorado and Beta resident, Coult-45 is known for mixing elements of drum & bass, dubstep, and new age trap to bring listeners an auditory experience unmatched by any other. He has played alongside numerous admired artists, including Datsik, Cookie Monsta, Pendulum, Flux Pavilion, and many others.


Space Jesus slowed it down (but not too much) with his signature ethereal frequencies but kept the party bumpin’ with his one of a kind bassline synthesis. 12359595_10206428346402313_1501803597_o

Minnesota closed out the night with a clutch set that left partygoers begging for an encore. His melodic, yet bass-heavy dubstep style has made him one of the most cutting-edge and popular electronic producers to come out of the West Coast bass music movement.


Each act brought the party in their own way, packing out the house more and more as the night went on. The dance party was amplified with Beta’s state of the art audio and lighting system as thousands of people danced the night away in a bass induced lightshow. As the beat dropped, so did the confetti, and the already wild crowd cheered with euphoria. 12359776_10206428355122531_639850312_o




With a world renowned sound system and known as the number one nightclub in North America, Beta is a hub for the evolution of club culture, keeping the residents of Denver always begging for more. Stay tuned for more Gravity Fridays with InkSpired Magazine coverage. Tonight, we join Damascus Apparel as they host an epic takeover, and we hope to see you there!



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