Christy Mack Opens Up About War Machine’s Attack & Reacts To His Letter

Christy Mack's exclusive interview with HBO's Real Sports

Christy Mack’s exclusive interview with HBO’s Real Sports

In an exclusive interview with HBO on Real Sports, Christy Mack speaks out about War Machine’s attack on her that took place nearly a year ago.  An emotional interview with HBO’s David Scott reveals graphic details of the attack. “I could taste the blood in my mouth,” Mack recalls. She discusses in detail the list of injuries she acquired as a result.

DISCLAIMER: Video contains strong language and sexual violence explained in detail.

The interview also includes War Machine’s rebuttal – a letter he wrote to Real Sports claiming that he was, in fact, the actual victim. Furthermore, he stated that he was made out to be a villain because of his career as a professional fighter and tattoos, among other things. The video below shows Mack’s response to her attacker’s letter, along with what she believes is fair punishment for him.


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