Body Mod Doll: Ariane Saint Amour

By Siara Gray


Meet Canadian fetish and Cosplay model, Ariane Saint Amour. The 24 year old resides in Montreal, where she lives with her boyfriend and two cats, and enjoys video games, cosplay, and latex clothing. The fetish for latex happened with her first exposure to it after moving to Montreal from the small town of La Sarre where she saw it on a poster for Montreal Fetish weekend. At 20, Ariane began augmenting her breasts, with the goal of looking like a cartoon character, and also the influence of popular busty cosplayer, Marie-Claude Bourbonnais. Currently, Ariane stands at 5’ 7” and has 1500cc silicon gel implants making her breasts weigh approximately  4 lbs. each, and is considering adding slightly more.


Although not everyone in the tattoo and body mod community considers cosmetic surgeries a valid part of that spectrum, Ariane Saint Amour loves her look and stands by her personal choice. She has made her dream of becoming a cartoon heroine a reality, though her enthusiasm for tattoos began earlier.




Ariane got permission to get her first tattoo at the age of 17 – the Cheshire Cat from American McGee’s “Alice” on her side. Some of her tattoos are casual, and some have meaning to her, the most important being the heart on her chest representing Ariane’s close relationship with her mother. Ariane plans to add her mother’s name and date of death to the tattoo when the time comes.




Ariane St. Amour continues to work on her membership website (, adding more to her modeling and cosplay portfolio, with goals to attend a conventions as a special guest. Ultimately, Ariane would like to open a cosmetic surgery clinic in Montreal and act as a counselor, sharing her knowledge and giving encouragement to others wanting similar body mods.



“Many people are afraid of what they want because of the judgment of others. I had many time in my life the possibility to give advice to girls who want fake breasts. When they listen to me, usually they’re happy with their implant choicedon’t be scared to be who you want to be!  Some people are going to judge you but some others are going to be inspired by you.” -Ariane Saint Amour



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