Dos and Don’ts of Interacting With Your Favorite Tattooed Models

Sara X

Sara X

Hi, my name is Sara X and whether or not you’ve heard of me, I’m a tattooed model with a few fans that I interact with on a regular basis, both online through social media and in real life at events. My fellow models and I have had some frustrated discussions about some of the worst ones we deal with. I decided to cover some of the most common here!

DON’T tell us that we would look better without tattoos. One of the best parts of being a tattooed model is being tattooed, and your personal preferences don’t have any bearing on our personal decisions.
DO go find a model without tattoos if you’re not into the aesthetic of inked ladies rather than waste your time telling inked ladies that you don’t like their aesthetic.

DON’T just touch our tattoos or other body modifications without asking. We are human beings and very few people like strangers in their bubble. I can promise you that our skin feels exactly like skin, unless it’s not healed, in which case definitely don’t touch it!
DO admire our work with your eyeballs to your heart’s content!

DON’T assume that because we have tattoos, we have morals somehow inferior to yours, or must be a part of the adult industry. Not every tattooed female is a prostitute, a porn star, a stripper, or even sexually promiscuous simply because she chose to wear artwork on her skin.
DO treat us with the same respect as you would anyone else, and remember that if your sexual frustrations cause you to be a huge jerk, you can visit the nearest legal brothel, watch a porn, or get a girlfriend.

DON’T send us unsolicited photos of your genitals. 99 times out of 100, it’s weird looking and we are just laughing at you. I’ve gotten dick pics from guys who look like they could pee around a corner and am always astounded that they have the audacity to be proud of their member. I’m never sure what guys expect us to do in this situation – be so overcome by the sight that we contact them immediately for hot frenzied sex? Has that EVER happened?
DO send us nice messages saying hello and wishing us well, or sharing funny animal videos, or almost anything else besides your naughty bits.

DON’T ask us how much they cost, or tell us how you know a guy who would have done them for us for so much cheaper at his house. We chose the artists that we did for our own reasons, and many of us go to great lengths to pick our artwork and artists.
DO ask the name of the artist who did a particular piece that you like, and conduct your own research into their work and rates if you’re interested. Do also avoid getting hepatitis while your boy Joey Dbagg tattoos you on his kitchen table with the “tattoo gun” he got at the tobacco shop down the street.

DON’T say that so-and-so is hotter or that we are hotter than so-and-so. That’s just unnecessary. Many of us are at least friendly on social media, if not friends IRL, and we aren’t in a competition with one another. We aren’t gladiators in the internet arena battling to the death for your approval.
DO compliment us if you like what we do, but try to keep it PG-13 (please note: “I want you to sit on my face” is in no way a compliment).

DON’T forget that we are human beings also, and many of us manage our own social media.
DO always talk to us online the way that you would if we were face to face, and never let the anonymity of the internet allow you to say something more rude than you would dare to in person.

Did I forget anything? Be sure to comment if you feel like I left something out!

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