Christy Mack Releases Details Of Her Turbulent Relationship With Ex-Boyfriend, War Machine & The Results Of His Alleged Assault

In a heartbreaking tweet, beloved tattooed adult actress, Christy Mack released a statement and details of an alleged assault by her ex-boyfriend and MMA fighter, War Machine (Jon Koppenhaver), who has been known to have a turbulent relationship with Mack. War Machine’s track record will unlikely be on his side. He was previously jailed twice, once for assault. The details of Christy Mack’s statement are below:



Followed by some graphic images of hospitalized Christy Mack: 


For many of her die-hard fans, Mack’s statement provided some answers to a vague announcement she released a few days prior:


Our hearts and prayers go out to the tattooed adult film star who has won a special place in many hearts and become an icon over the years.


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