9 Questions People With Tattoos Are Sick of Hearing


People with tattoos, no matter how few or many they have seem to hear the same questions from strangers (or annoying relatives) over and over again. Here are 9 that I’m sure you can relate to:

1. Why do you have so many tattoos?
2. What are those going to look like when you’re 80?
3. Aren’t you scared no one’s going to hire you?
4. Didn’t those hurt?!
5. Aren’t you afraid of what people think about you?
6. Can I touch them??
7. Are those real?!
8. Do you have an artist you can hook me up with a sick deal?
9. Did you get those because your boyfriend/girlfriend likes them?

And we usually respond to these questions with this look on our face:

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 12.25.33 AM


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