Mike Stud’s Takeover​

Before heading to Denver to catch Mike Stud at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom, I felt out a few friends to see how far his reputation reached.
I asked Wilcox Weaver, founder of Colorado’s Center Stage Classic, “You heard of Mike Stud?”
“Heard he’s selling out shows like mad,” he responded.
And that’s what he did Friday night at Cervantes in Denver and Saturday at The Aggie Theatre in Fort Collins.
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You’ll inevitably end up on his Youtube Channel (www.youtube.com/MikeStudMusic) and find hours of entertainment. In January of 2012, Mike released the first of over 50 videos in collaboration with Jon Kilmer Studios. Together, they have assembled an arsenal of music videos and montages of rowdy tour footage in a series called Touring’s Boring. 30 seconds in, you’ll realize his live shows are off the wall – packed wall to wall with college chicks, most of whom are ready to lift their tops at a moment’s notice.
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“All I write is party music?  You should listen to the lyrics…” Watch Mike Stud’s Video: Fuck That
This line threw me off the first time I heard it since he proclaims himself as “the new face of frat rap” in his video, “Can’t Stop Me” but first impressions can mislead. Mike Seander went to Duke on a full athletic scholarship for his talent on the pitcher’s mound and graduated with a 3.4 GPA.
He used to pitch strikeouts, now he makes hits.
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In between punch lines like…
“I’m colonel sanders to you chickens,” and “she like to call me Mr. Splinter
’cause the only place she ever wants my wood to be is in her,” he slips in inspirational, meaningful lines about his wayward journey to the top, such as:
“Yeah, I guess came a long way,
I made my first fucking song in a hallway
It’s been a long day and I ain’t get no sleep
Life’s a trip, at least I got the window seat”
and lyrics about the lessons he’s learned:
“Everybody wanna shoot to score,
But don’t lose your happiness on the pursuit for more”.
This second lyric has inspired at least two fans to permanently adorn their skin with his words.
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What started it all?  Well, the answer to when can be found in ink on Mike’s wrist.
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On July 15th, 2008, Mike Seander underwent Tommy John Surgery, a procedure in which an integral ligament in the elbow is replaced with another tendon from the body.  Though Tommy John, the professional left-handed pitcher and surgery’s namesake, returned to pro ball post-op, Mike’s operation occurred at a crucial time in an developing athlete’s career.  Lucky for us, time off the field pushed him to find another outlet for his passion.  Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 9.58.05 PM
His first song, “College Humor” was recorded in GarageBand as a joke for his friends and is the first video on his YouTube channel…it’s near 1.5 million views.
Seeing this first video go viral encouraged Mike to follow up with a mixtape dedicated to his surgery: Toast to Tommy. Since then, he’s released countless music videos, remixes, and his first full album, “Relief.” On Friday night at Cervantes, he announced the title to his next album, “Closer.”  Don’t be surprised when pictures of fans tattooed with lyrics off this album surface.
Want to know more about what rowdy nonsense went down at the show?  Check out my University Primetime article at: http://universityprimetime.com/school/cu-b/article/see-mike-stud-live-or-regret-it.
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