Rite Hook

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Rite Hook spits lyrical venom, verbal violence, and raw passion.  His debut full length album “Draw You In” was my go-to to wake the fuck up until he followed it up with “From the Wrong” November last year.  His music is twisted, rhyming a drug-influenced lifestyle and criminal urges with a nostalgic awareness that lines the turbulent path he has chosen with a masochistic romanticism.

“Now who’s the man that you never see dance

But he won’t hesitate to fuck you up?

I think you know at first glance I’m a fuckin cursed man

But I love it just enough to keep it up”

-“Cursed Man” on From The Wrong

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Each line is more brutal than the one it rhymes with.

“Get the routine on an even scale

Cause if I’m sick I’ll fuck you up for a piece of a pill

Started all sweet, now it’s like I’m needin’ to steal

Never wanted to do it but better believe it I will”

-“I’ve Died Before” ft. Madchild on From the Wrong

I’ve Died Before by Rite Hook

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Rite Hook’s murderous edge surfaces in his visual art just the same.  His tattoos flaunt blood puddle backdrops and sharp points reminiscent of aggressive graffiti – the kind tagged in an anxious instant when an street artist vandalizes public property with one eye on lookout for the 5-0.  You’ll find intricate line work in both his brushstrokes and rhyme schemes.

Here’s a sample, taken from Rite Hook’s Instagram – http://instagram.com/ritehookftw

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In his video for “Walk This Town” you glimpse Rite Hook at work, performing two forms of art.

Walk This Town by Rite Hook

For better or worse, Rite Hook can change your life.  Proceed with caution.

Memorize the lyrics and get rowdy this March with Rite Hook & Slaine (www.facebook.com/slaine.official).

3/13 LA @ The Viper Room.

3/14 Denver, CO @ The Roxy. 

3/15 Philadelphia @ The Fire.

3/16 Boston @ The Middle East.

3/21 Portland, ME @ The Asylum

3/23 Newport, RI @ Jimmy’s Saloon.

By David DiGiola



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