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Photography began as a saving grace for Billy Ward as he was on a journey of self-discovery and recovery. Not only was it a career path for him to do something that he loved, it also allowed him to become an inspiration for others. He didn’t just want to help himself; he wanted to help others. When he realized that photography was his calling, he enrolled in photography school at the College of Southern Nevada. Though he is still a fairly new photographer, having only been doing it for 3 years, he has been published several times, works with numerous industry professionals and agencies, and has established a reputation that is admired and respected. Specializing in various genres of photography, he has produced outstanding imagery in fashion, glamour, photojournalism, advertising, lifestyle, and boudoir, to name a few. His vision conveys emotion, beauty and impact in an artistic, creative manner. Billy’s talent involves leveraging the subject and imagery at hand to tell a compelling visual story that is unforgettable.

Though his work expands beyond the world of working with tattooed models, it is an industry that really resonates with him. “It is my culture, I’m really passionate about it. I started getting tattooed when I was 16 or 17. I was getting tattooed when it wasn’t as acceptable; it was the rebel, rock n’ roll lifestyle,” Ward says. When working with tattooed models, he goes on to explain, “tattoos represent braveness and courage. In my opinion, tattooed people have more experience than non-tattooed people. I find a sincere, deep connection between the subject and I.” Rightfully so, as it has played a large role in his success and his passion is apparent in his work. One of his favorite “subjects” is his good friend, worldwide performer and internationally published tattooed model, Bambu Jessica. “I always have fun shooting her!” Their recent photo shoot, along with an exclusive interview with Bambu Jessica was featured in the November 2013 issue of InkSpired Magazine, viewable at:

With a rapidly growing and thriving fan base, it has been a surreal experience for Billy Ward. In addition to an impressive portfolio of working with numerous professionals and agencies in various industries, his latest and greatest accomplishment entails getting hired as a photographer for the world famous Hustler Club in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he currently resides. Furthermore, he is looking forward to a feature in Hustler Magazine, as well as shooting for their calendar. The future of Billy Ward Photography looks bright and crystal clear. In addition to continue doing what he loves, he is looking forward to launching his new fashion line. Billy Ward Fashion is a statement about courage and another form of expression for his art.

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