Kid Ink Fires Up the Mile High

kid ink 2

Denver’s underground rap aficionados commiserated in an intimate setting at the Summit Music Hall to revel in Kid Ink’s hip hop glory during his last visit to the Mile High City. A duality between underground and mainstream hip hop, his following is passionate and loyal. The message in his music is clear: it’s a rhythmical broadcast to his audience about the pursuit of all of the beautiful things in life. Amongst the topics Kid Ink regularly lays down poetic justice and lyrical swagger include ink, beautiful women and chasing after your dreams.

kid ink 1

His rhetoric resonates with his fans as he poetically relates to the hearts and souls of his listeners. As I scanned the hyped up crowd, I noticed one common denominator that creates an even deeper bond between Kid Ink and his fans: the love of ink. The young, tattooed hip hop lyricist has a stage presence that engages the crowd, maintaining their undivided attention throughout the show. In his own poetic justice, Kid Ink “just wants it all”…and it all he has: talent, passion and tattoos.

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Your Chief Editor – Candies Deezy Liu

Twitter: @CandeezyLiu | Instagram: @CandiesDeezyLiu

Photos by: Sean Hartgrove


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