Landlocked 5 Hosted by Kaze Gallery

Landlocked 5


By William Thidemann

Denver, CO–This year, Kaze Gallery & Tattoo was again proud to host the annual Landlocked group art show.  For five years, Shawn McDonald has curated the best single event to accurately showcase the amazing diversity of art from Colorado tattooers.  With over 120 pieces, our state was well represented with everything from traditional japanese watercolors to lush oil paintings.  Each year, the submissions keep getting better and this year the level of craft and competency fully illustrated just how far Colorado has come.

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From the time I first moved here in 1997, it was clear to see that Colorado had a lot starting to happen with local tattooing.  Fast forward 15 years and it’s obvious that everyone has been working hard.  It seems to be the norm here to have tattooers who are equally capable on paper or canvas.  Add to this a unique sense of community between local artists and you have a perfect situation for art here to flourish.

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Considering how great this year’s show was, I’m excited to see what another year of hard work can produce.  I can only imagine what upcoming shows will bring.

Kaze 5

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Thanks to all who helped out and contributed their art and time to make this year’s Landlocked show a big success.  If you get a chance, please come down and check it out.  It will make you proud of Colorado.

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