Stayin’ Chic On A Budget

Sean Hartgrove

by Mariana Popalrdo

I wear my grandpa’s coat, I look incredible. From the thrift shop down below…Macklemore is singing about it in his hit song “Thrift shop”. It has never been chicer to spend less on hot threads. In an economy that is far from recovered, consignment and repurposing fashions is where it is at. Never has the recycled fashion outlets done so well than in this day and age. Ebay is booming. Even your typical uber-wealthy executives and stay-at-home moms are consigning their Louis Vuitton bags and their Louboutin pumps. In times’ like these, fashion is all about getting creative.


Score a high end piece at Common Threads on South Pearl-Libby, the girl that owns this gem has an impeccable eye for what the Cherry Creek investment banker’s wife is ready to purge. Stay budget conscious with the basics, use fun accessories to pop your outfit. It is all about color when it comes to accessories this season. Neons and brights are back.

Sean Hartgrove Sean Hartgrove Sean Hartgrove Sean Hartgrove

Choose a pair of skinny gray Levi’s jeans courtesy of the Goodwill on South Broadway. Pair them with a nice black bootie from Boss Unlimited on South Broadway. Boss always has shoes in great shape from various decades. Like these ones pictured from the 50’s.

Sean Hartgrove

A crisp white button down from Target for only $14.99. A mens’ scarf and fedora also from Target completes the look. We choose a smokey eye and a coral lip for a sexy daytime look.

The black skinny jeans that we picked up at the Goodwill for $7 serve as a blank canvas. The jeans open up a chance to splurge on a cool premium cotton tee from German cutting edge label Yakuza. The tee retails for $45. Check out Yakuza’s new pieces at The brand just launched their label here in the states. Be the first to rock this new punk rock oh-so-right label here in the U.S.

Sean Hartgrove

Throw in some suspenders to finish it off. Whole outfit $58 and it is yours. Shopping at Target never disappoints. We found this couture Marchesa dress from the Target/Neiman Marcus collection on clearance for $19 (original price was $98). Marchesa’s hot pink number with vintage combat boots from Boss Unlimited. Making it $40 for that entire look. And oh-so-chic!

Sean is also worth checking out. Put some street into your look. The tattoo industry leading brand makes awesome band tees starting at $30. This editorial is all about showing you how to put together an awesome, edgy, fashion forward outfit on a budget while staying true to yourself.

This approach to fashion will give you the extra buck to totally drop $125 on a Revolt Arsenal applique jacket available by request through Handmade by locals – his punk rock aficionado self hand picked images that are sewn onto premium cotton by local seamstresses. Support locally made and check the eco
friendly box as well.

Sean Hartgrove

So get out there ..go vintage, splurge on edgy tees and start “poppin’ those tags”!

Sean Hartgrove

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Fashion Twins: Natasha and Shayla
Photos courtesy of: Sean Hartgrove
Location: 3 Kings Tavern – 60 S Broadway Denver, CO

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