Show Devils…the Pieces of the Puzzle

Denver’s finest came out late Saturday evening to marvel in the glory of America’s A-list sub-culture sweethearts, Show Devils. In a morbidly charming duo, The Enigma and Serana Rose pleased and teased the crowd at 3 Kings Tavern with their silly antics and intense stunts. Spraying “homemade” apple sauce into the crowd by drilling their chainsaws into the apples gagging them while blindfolded is no easy task. And they did it in such a way that made the audience giggle, quiver and cheer all at the same time. Fire-inhaling, glass eating, poem reciting, dancing and prancing, the dynamic Show Devils duo is one that you can’t resist.

Show Devils 1

Before their performance, I briefly chatted with the Enigma whose presence is so enthralling, I got a rush just standing next to him. I have followed the Show Devils since I was a teen, admiring their courageous acts of self-acceptance and proudly showing the world exactly who they are. Fast forward 10 years and here I was, sharing my InkSpired dream with one of the most influential people in my own personal realm of “anti-pop culture”. As I explained to him my plans for InkSpired, he flashed his pearly whites, an enticing contrast against his blue puzzle pieced skin, and said, “breaking barriers and making a statement…that’s awesome. Show the world what you’re made of.” It was something about hearing that from a puzzle piece adorning, horned, real-life comic book character that made me a giddy little girl.

Show Devils 2

I found the darling Serana   Rose just as charming as her counterpart. Her presence is delicate and enticing. Her boldness shines through in her performance but she executes it in such a way that is exquisite and graceful. There is an apparent duality in their performance and appearance, straddling lines of extremes that makes the audience wonder, “what exactly are the pieces of the puzzle?”   Show Devils 3



Look for a full length feature of the Show Devils in a future issue of InkSpired Magazine. (All photos courtesy of: Brinny D. Photography).


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  • June 6, 2013

    Tricia Lorntson

    Yay! They rock and Serana is a sweetheart!

  • June 6, 2013

    Seth Iniguez Bertoni

    The Enigma is an amazing guy, and a real sweetheart:) Was great to have them both at Planet X Tattoo & Supply in Aurora, CO as a guest artist for some puzzle piece action last Monday.