We Are the Alternate Decision

ADC 1InkSpired Magazine seeks the unique brands that represent something meaningful, honest and conducive to tattoo culture in the sense that it provides substance to this “lifestyle” that we all seek in this realm of creative essence. Alternate Decision Clothing represents something that is raw yet beautiful, something that InkSpired Magazine is very familiar with. It was created based on a passion, a saving grace that ultimately shows the world our artful adaptation of our being.


Dan Conerd provides insight to his Alternate Decision inspiration…

Alternate Decision was born somewhere between anger and sleep deprivation. I was in the middle of my 4 year contract with the United States Army, smack dab inside a war torn Mosul, Iraq during OIFIII, 2005. After the sounds of one too many Apache helicopters unloading in surrounding areas, or the reports on the radio of fellow comrades being attacked by suicide bombers, I decided that I needed something to occupy my mind. Something else other than being in Iraq in the middle of what I felt was an unjust war.


Not willing to give in to the military’s one and only solution of anti-depressants and sleeping pills, I decided to pick up a new hobby of designing t-shirts. Hence the birth of my Alternate Decision not to take those drugs.

 ADC 2

ADC strives to produce a unique and solid design on high-quality and sustainable materials for lasting durability and style. It is a unique apparel company that is committed to community level art and supports other local designers and basement startups.


I always believe that this is your life and it’s ending one minute at a time, so you might as well live life to the fullest and do what makes you happy.


With love,

Dan Conerd ADC 3


Alternate Decision Clothing (ADC) is 100% veteran owned by Dan Conerd, the founder. ADC is first and foremost a patron of the arts in just about every form, specializing in apparel that represents the alternative lifestyle. We are the Alternate Decision. Look for Alternate Decision Clothing coming soon to InkSpired Magazine’s online store. If you retail shop would like to carry Alternate Decision Clothing, contact Dan at: sales@AlternateDecision.com.





Instagram: @AlternateDecision



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