Viva la InkSpired…



InkSpired |inkˈspīrd|


1 revolution

2 movement

3 lifestyle                                                                                                                     joelle



1 body art and modification demonstrated by means of cultural significance of tattoo lifestyle

• (of a person) using their skin as a canvas to tell their life story

2 (of fashion, events, music and other means related to tattoo culture) that is used in showing the world their creative essence


InkSpire |inˈspīr|

verb [ trans. ]

1 inspire (someone) with the urge or ability to tell the world their story through body art and modification

  • create a positive and supportive community in the world of tattoo culture
  • acceptance of oneself and others regardless of outward appearance
  • embrace art and tattoo culture
  • celebrate tattoo lifestyle



To be InkSpired is to be inspired by tattoo culture and lifestyle. It is a movement, a revolution, a legacy. InkSpired Magazine is a publication that dedicates itself to the multi-faced components of the tattoo community. From fashion to music, events to body modification, art, beauty and culture, InkSpired Magazine covers it all. Tattoos are a lifestyle decision, whether it be a small piece that tells a short story or an entire bodysuit that documents one’s lifelong experiences. It is a magazine that lets its fans create the unique brand, much like the way in which people choose to tell their story through their art.


So, what is it that resonates with you when you read InkSpired Magazine? What does the InkSpired Revolution mean to you?

Viva la InkSpired…

Yours truly,
Candies Deezy Liu


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